I'm new to the game

So far I’ve tried all the classes and despite what I read online i’m really enjoying Crusader.
I guess it just fits my playstyle and I really like the animations and style. I know I’m enjoying it because I’m level 37 before I knew it happened. I started out with the crusader follower and it’s like an an army marching into war. Trying out the Enchantress follower now and so far so good. How’s the Thief follower with the Crusader?


I am glad that you are enjoying the Crusader. As you go up levels and assemble Crusader set armors (at level 70 and beyond), you will find that cooldown reduction (CR) is paramount for the Crusader class. Since the Enchantress is the only hireling, who provides up to 10% CR, she will ultimately become your most valuable hireling.

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