I'm assuming that the PTR is over

I can’t get into the PTR realm, so I assume it’s done. With the major issues with the Season 28 theme raised by the PTR players it would have been nice to get a patch so we could all test the developers response.

There was a major debate between two groups; the first group believing that the theme was too OP while the second group argued that the theme as presented would allow casual players to reach higher levels that they had in the past.

I’m curious to see what changes will be made by the developers and how the two groups will respond to them.

I for one welcome our new potion overlords.


With the spike of players interested in participating with a final season, a post adjustment test, with specific areas needing to be tested; an invite only forum might be the way to go.

There were messages in game about the Servers going down for an Update. No mention of the PTR coming to an end. I would keep checking every so often. It should come back online once the patch has been installed.


Interesting… it would be nice for them to fix a few of the worst problems like S2 with Nats and potion abuse… then give us a few days to kick the tires and see how it rolls.

I hope that update will fix bugged conduit from potions. And we will see changes on dh set natalia or shadow(2item bonus switch with 4 item bonus).

I’ve been checking every half hour since about 2:30 PM PST. It’s now just past 5:00 PM PST and it’s still not back up. Looks like it was just the generic “server going down” message and no update is coming. I’ll check again later tonight but I think we’ve seen the last of this PTR.

Yeh been checking for updates aswell in the battlenet for some time now, seems the PTR is over… will be interesting to read the s28 blog and what changed compared to PTR :slight_smile:

I expect the Shadow2 software change to be fairly trivial to implement and test internally. My guess is they updated some file with the description of the 2p change but forgot to check in the code. That supports my conjecture they’re in the middle of reworking Shadow and had to do some sort of messy interim check-in that obviously didn’t quite work.

Update on February 8: The PTR 2.7.5 has concluded. Thank you for playing!



Who said it’s the final Season? It’s the season before D4 drops. With the Altar of Rites, that’s about as close to a peek at Diablo 4 as your going to get. There will plenty more of seasons to come for D3.

That is not at all a certainty. They might have one more whilst they sort out D4 seasons but depending on how popular D4 is will dictate how they treat D3 going forward.

I’m fairly sure there was a blue post at some point that said they’d recycle themes after a while. Just as they’ve been cycling cosmetics since s17, IIRC.