IK Hota VS LOD Hota?

I know LOD is supposed to be better but by how much?

currently i am using ww rend and sort of hit a wall where i actually need to start casting manual rend…

yes i know, pressing a button on my bar what a blasphemy

so i am looking to switch it up as hota, if i am going to press buttons i am gonna smash

but now i am kind of torn between ik and lod, i have a pretty good ik set ready to go, and only half of the pieces for lod as ancient, is it even worth the effort to farm lod pieces?

like in general how much stronger are we talking about here?

LoD Hota is a very powerful build with the right pieces.
IK is just not there as a set due to much better stats from all the different options LoD has to offer.
Ya, it takes some farming time for ancient gear but you can build up mats and keys so when you do get it all together it will work well.
Try out the IK, get some ancient pieces then change builds.
A few hours and some luck…

i have all the basic pieces atm, half of them arent ancient so thats kind of a big problem with lod lol

but yeah, so far it seems pretty fun, still farming with ww…

now i wonder if i should roll with ww or hota power, hmmmm

IK is way easier to play and a little faster moving, but WW wins for speed…

I was at a similar situation as you, had all IK pieces but only a few ancients for LOD, so I just went with IK and it was very fun with the HotA power. By the time I moved to other classes I still didn’t have all LOD pieces.