Idea: aspects (of the evils)

A while ago, before Diablo 3 came out I saw a video a guy made talking about what he foresaw for the franchises future. I wish I could link it, he really nailed everything to a T. Even stuff I didn’t know I needed.

One of those ideas he has was ‘aspects’ being of the prime evils and whatnot. They were described as being like wrath of the berserker and the druids shapeshifting ability except all characters would have access to them if unlocked.

I can see how this has been worked on a lot with balancing and etc but really it would be nice to incorporate the souls of the primevils that you have slain or even leaders into your character that you control, to a degree.

Maybe the aspect of hatred can bring cross-class teleporting or something for an example.

In the current state of progression it looks like mythic items in Diablo 4 may be at the spot where these ‘aspects’ might occupy but it’s hopefully food for thought.

Anyways, credit for the idea preceeds me and this post. If anyone knows of or can find the video you should attach it to this post. I think he knows what he’s talking about a bit much. I loved that vid. Almost as much as the series itself.