I will raise my glass in your honor

To my dad: Jan 16, 1943 to April 11, 2022

No condolences, no sorry for your loss, raise your glass and think of the best dad you’ve ever met and shout,

F---- YEAH MAN! You were awesome.

Will probably be doing a run-until-i’m-done this saturday. Very drunk. Pugs all the way.


Cheers my friend, I will have a beer in your fathers memory

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Condolences. EmmetOtter

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Thank you.

While I am always for raising a drink in honor of those that past, I do my best to honor him by doing as he had done late in life: telling people “thank you for being here today”. He had a very earnest and gracious way of saying it. He helped a lot of people feel good about themselves.


Raises my glass to your father, Emmet!

I lost mine on August 2, 2022. Raises my glass to my father as well. Cheers!

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Changed my btag from EmmetOtter to Tinker.

It’s been a hard year for family. I’ve lost 2 more since my dad. Most recently my mother-in-law passed on Feb 19. I was her healthcare proxy and the nurses at the home she lived in contacted me and it became my job to contact the rest of the family. She had a DNR and DNI and my role as healthcare proxy was to be the backup to those to let her die in peace like she wanted; she didn’t trust her children to be able to do that.

My dad had been dying for almost a decade and eventually I was given advance notices, first months, then weeks, then days and I was fortunate to be with him during his last week. My MIL died suddenly from cardiac arrest at 11:10pm. My wife saw her that day and everything was well. Her death came as a great shock to everyone. My wife is still taking it very hard.

She didn’t want a service or wake. She wanted to be remember with a party and that is what she will get in June. Makes her sound like a “wild child” when she was a damn religious prude but I guess even religious prudes can cut loose. Good for her.

Not sure why but things are just hitting me now.