I want spoilers for next season

This season is the best season and the fans of other games can do whatever they want but they gotta check this out i mean super fun to push. I am having a lot of fun this season and i wish this would also come to non season. Awesome buff thank you blizzard(Give a raise to the guy who invented the buff pls). I am curious about the next seasonal buff i just cant wait to see the buff please give spoilers at some point i cant wait any more. I know you guys must be planning ptr at the end of january but still i cant wait that long. Thank you again for this incredible season.

Spoiler will be released based on my knowledge with blizzard and Nevalistis about next week or the next next week.

Well, you’ll find out as soon as the patch notes for the upcoming PTR come out.

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S20, the season of buffs, buffs and even more buffs. Bring on D4 already.

Dude today is called a present because it is a present. Do not wait for a game that has atleast 3 years to come. Enjoy D3 because it is a present :wink: