I want 200 stash tabs like Last Epoch game for most fun

I wish Diablo 3 game had 200 stash tabs like Last Epoch game for most fun.

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You are 11 years too late D3 will be going into maintenance mode in a few months.

Spamming multiple forums will not do anything. Do you even have the extra 5 tabs from the seasons?


Why though? I doubt you could fill more than 25 with items you could even remotely justify having a use for.

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Agree with Kargon, 25 would be more than enough. That would give 2 tabs per class and 11 extra for gems, cross class gear, follower gear, and simple temp storage space.

200?! Not enough ! We need to think bigger! Why not 1000?


Last Epoch is offline game so all this tabs are in your local HDD. The greedy Blizzard managment make Diablo 3 online only and 200 stash tabs (for all the PC players) it’s alot of money spendings. And yes console D3 have almost infinity stash.

Actually the console version of D3 provides even less stash space than the PC version.

Also being stored at the server side has absolutely nothing to do with the limitation. The amount of storage required is negligible. The actual issue is that all items are treated as “actors”, interactive objects with bunch of scripting attached to each. The content from the stashes of all players in the same session are then loaded into the memory of the players. This stresses the game unusual amount which is why 13 tabs is the max. On consoles the stash is 350 item slots, equaling 10 tabs of space.

D4 also suffers from limited stash due to its engine being build on the same frame as D3 engine.

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Last epoch is online and ofline and both have 200 stash tabs. Little company can add 200 tabs in their game , big company cries that it influences servers.


This is not only an absolutely unnecessary way to program a game it’s asinine. I seriously doubt it’s true. Diablo 3 does not occupy any more memory than any other game even when playing in a group. In fact, it only uses one gigabyte of memory to play. The minimum system requirement is for only two gigabytes of system memory. I’ve never seen it use a swap file even when installed on a system with windows 32bit and four gigabytes of memory either. All scripting would be part of the core game engine not asset loading and would be present in memory no matter the stash size.

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Yet it is the very reason the devs have explicitly stated.

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Why does anyone need to justify what they use or to keep? What they want to use or keep doesn’t affect anyone. People like to collect pretty shiny things. There is nothing wrong with people wanting 200 stash tabs to store their treasures.

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More stashtabs is not possible. BUT nothing stops them to give us more characterslots!

As in, you will never have a practical purpose for more items than that. Keeping stuff for the sake of keeping stuff is not “having a use of them”.

It is the very reason Nevalistis has stated and to the best of my knowledge no one else at Blizzard. Nevalistis was not a developer she was a community manager. She revealed in her blog that she was almost completely blocked from the development side of things. Hardly conclusive. I hope she’s having more opportunity at Firewalk Studios.

And CMs tell us what the devs tell them to tell us.

Also when the issue of limited stash space in D4 was brought up, the same reasons were given as in D3 and it was the devs telling us.

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And the developers tell CMs a lot of things that aren’t true from complete anonymity. The same reasons were given by who for D4? The peanut gallery? Appeals to authority are weak to begin with and second hand or third hand they’re even weaker. I reiterate it’s a stupid and unnecessary way of programming with no empirical evidence of being true. It’s not believable.

You’re skipping a few details when demanding something that seem so simple as stash tabs. And that be the complex itemization of Diablo 3.

Diablo III has both the benefit and disadvantage of having completely random items. Pretty much everything can roll up different affixes, if not a range of its benefits. That’s obviously great because the item hunt is what it’s all about, more randomization means you can keep chasing that perfect item, but that means the amount of data needed to describe an item is much, much larger than say, a World of Warcraft item, which is static and only needs a unique number to identify it.

A Diablo III item first has to say the base item, then each individual affix that it rolled up, then the ranges of each variable, and if it has any sockets. And we have to think about everywhere an item can be, an item on the ground is still an item, and so is an item on the auction house.

That is a very old quote but I still think it’s legit to this very day. You may like the new upcoming developers giving 200 stash tabs on their game, but their engine is rather new, refined and their expression of items are not complex as Diablo 3 either. When each D3 item needs around 6 attributes out of 50+ (all seven class skill bonuses really adds to it) to be set to a variable and rest to null for awaiting any reroll optimization, things can get out of hand.
How do I know that? Well, before D3 RoS was a thing, there was no limit on how item affix combinations could roll; any rare and legendary item could roll anything between 4-8 affixes. That means each item has those hex code embed in it and game decides how many affixes you get by magic find rates. All they ever did with the new splitting primary and secondary affix system was limiting the attribute counts beside a few exceptions of legendaries.

And I think that’s why we never get to see more than 13 stash tabs at once, because synchronizing it between 4 players will always be a nightmare for servers. Consider each stash tab can hold up to 35 big items or 70 small ones; each of those has the same amount of attributes attached to them and there are a total of 52 pages in a four player game setup. Synchronization here is required for game integrity so players can not dupe items or break the game by abusing lag. It is a security thing for ensuring longevity of the game. They won’t get rid of that because you asked politely for more than hundred times either.

If you have a better opinion of why things are the way it is, or solution to its coding just spit it out, else just keep your silence. Stop conveying bullcrap stories about developers lying to all of us and playing Diablo 3 at the comfort of 1000 stash tabs daily without writing any line of code, doing work or gameplay testing.
As I always said, servers don’t run on black magic or water, they require money and investments. When there’s neither, then game has to suffer its fate. You’re all crying about a decade old game like it’s your business but it’s not. It never was, so enjoy it while it lasts. And no, no one forces you to buy Diablo 4.

I agree it’s absolutely idiotic way to implement things and I’ve voiced my own disbelief about it numerous times.

Still doesn’t mean it’s not true.

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It means I seriously doubt it, as I said. Is something you disbelieve the “actual reason”? Is giving it the dubious imprimatur of a CM said so justified? I doubt it. We may never know for certain.

All the console items are one-square i.e. small. Besides local files can be copied and so it will be shadow stash :slight_smile: In Last Epoch i’ve make about 15 tabs not need more yet. It seems like number of tabs can be infinite.