I stuck at Torment X

Hello everyone, i started diablo 4 days ago but i stuck at torment X as hunter, cannot improve my character anymore, if you have any idea to me to improve it i’d be very appreciate, thanks.
here s my character:

By the way i use strafe as skill

You need some help…

First, roll Hungering Arrow Damage on your belt and pants.
Second, you need a better Dawn with no less than 63% Vengeance cooldown reduction and have a socket in it. Use the mystic if you don’t have a Ramaladni’s Gift.
Third, get a Fortress Ballista or Valla’s Bequest. Fortress Ballista will give a bit of defense and allow for more uptime on your Squirt’s Necklace. Valla’s could allow your Strafe to proc more Hungering Arrows.
Fourth, speaking of your Squirt’s, you need a better one. It should at least have a socket for either a Bane of the Trapped or Zie’s. You then want Cold Element Damage, Crit chance and Crit damage. You should be able to get a Squirt’s with at least two of those stats in short order, so hunt for one that at least has two and roll the third to another you need at the mystic. Keep your eye out for one with three of the stats so you roll into the fourth.

Your gloves are a mess. You need better ones. They come with guaranteed crit chance and you need crit damage on them. If they don’t drop with it, roll at the mystic.
Roll the Life Regen on your Restraint to Crit Chance.

Once you get your new Dawn, preferable one with 65% Vengeance cooldown, you’ll need three reduce cooldown rolls on your equipment. Or you could go with only two, equip your enchantress and use her ability that reduces your cooldowns by 10% if you get her Intelligence score to 25,000.

Your skill choice could use work as well.

Keep Strafe, Hungering Arrow, Smoke Screen and Vengeance. Drop Rain of Vengeance and Preparation for Fan of Knives/Bladed Armor and Companion/Wolf or Boar.

With those changes you should be doing T16 really fast.

You might also want to change where your skills are slotted. Go to Options in the game menu, Go to Game play, and check Elective Mode. That will allow you move the skills on your skill bar or allow 2 skills from the same section to be on your bar at the same time, ie Vengeance and Fan of Knives.

You’ll also be able to move your Hungering Arrow to your key board, put Strafe on Left mouse and another skill on right. That will allow you to hold down Strafe (Left mouse button) and tap Hungering Arrow periodically to keep your Momentum up. This is called “Strafe Weaving” and you’ll see immediate results in movement speed and kill speed.

Hope this helps and Happy Hunting!