I don't know when the passive activates

I only play Hardcore. That’s fun. But I die often and have to make a character.

Every class has a passive skill that activates when you die, to keep you alive

I don’t notice when that happens. Latest class was Demon Hunter.

I think the Demon Hunter passive is called “awareness”.

I didn’t notice it activate so I didn’t notice that I had died, then died a 2nd time and had to make a new character.

This has happened with Wizard, Necromancer, Demon Hunter and Crusader.

I can’t keep looking down & to the left to notice that passive has just activated, because I am fighting, I need to watch the game, and the enemy mobs trying to kill me.

I think, maybe there is maybe a sound when it happens, but there are a lot of sounds going off and it’s hard to notice that sound has played.

There might be a flash of light that happens but there are flashes for many many things happening at the same time and I can’t tell they are anything but what I’m trying to do.

I have made many, MANY characters over the yeas, dying MANY times. It is always because I didn’t notice that passive activate, so I couldn’t wait for the cooldown to occur and then start fighting again.

I need to know when that passive that instantly resurrects me has just occurred.

I can’t look down to the left for even a second, when I’m fighting, so I don’t know that has happened so then I die for real and have to make another character.

I like having to make another character when I die, that makes the game fun.

But it is too hard to notice that the passive that keeps me alive has activated once and I will really die the next time it happens.

What I would notice is ALL action on the screen has stopped and it says "you have died, press ESCAPE or ENTER or whatever key you’d like it to be. And then keep fighting exactly exactly where I was killed. Same fight.

It is too difficult to notice the right sound, or the right effect when my vision constantly moves in milliseconds, and there are many sounds happening.

I would like all action on the screen stop and it tells me I have died and press a button to keep fighting.

How would that work in groups?

Perhaps the bloody border when low HP is a good visual indicator. Use a different color to distinguish from injury and just need to last for a second.

Everyone’s screen freezes. The healer would then know to heal you if you have one. And the person killed can just press the key to start it up again after he was just killed.

It has to be something I notice without moving my eyes off the action that’s happening, and a sound would have to be someone saying “You just died”

Cheating death in D3 is an interesting beast.

As many threads talk about which monsters do varying damage on different classes, the relevance in this case is that at very high levels if one defense mechanism is late whether through you being slow or lag, the little icon in the bottom right above the bar may not appear quickly enough.

Because you used the DH awareness as an example, “When you receive fatal damage, you instead vanish for 2 seconds and regenerate 50% of maximum Life” - At a very high level if you have been one-shot to trigger this, and have lag or do not have defenses up or in a pool of molten/poison etc etc, the odds on being double-shot and instant death are quite high. Check out each cheat death because they are slightly different in what they give you.

While for the greater part I have not failed to see the cheat death icon mostly, I am not arrogant enough to assume it does not happen often or not appear for others, because I have been killed by lag as many have.

EDIT: As for group play the answers above have some interesting ideas. Yes, a sound would be helpful.

The player’s icon turns completely black with arrows shooting out of it.

Only for the player that die…not anyone else in the party.

When the passive power acts, it needs to be more noticeable. It needs to be something you see without taking your eyes off of what you are doing, not even for a half-second. I don’t look anywhere except where I’m at and what’s around me.

I must say I do not really understand what your problem is. I have played hardcore for years, and when my passive triggers I always see the icon popping up on the screen. I then do what is necessary to stay alive and go back to town asap. I only die in case I choose to continue fighting instead of escaping, or in case of game freeze or disconnection of course.


The problem is I can’t see the icon popping up on the screen, because I have to look down to the left and I don’t want to take my eyes (vision) off where and what my toon is doing for even half a second.

Well, when you see an icon popping with your peripheral view, you should take the time to look quickly to see if you have ‘‘procced’’. After a proc, you always have anyway a short time during which your character is more or less protected (depending on the second life passive which is different for each class). It is better to look rather than not knowing that you are not protected anymore and that you will really die next time…

Sounds like the real issue is you have too big a screen. Clearly you can’t gaze at your Health indicator, your skill cooldowns, your character, and the monsters around at the same time. That does suggest your screen is not fitted for gaming, or you are too close to it.

Furthermore, all classes have a “skill-activation” animation of sort to alert you that the cheat death passive has been triggered. Like for DH it will trigger a Smoke Screen similar effect. The Wizards can be the trickiest to spot as it is short and quick.

The problem I keep having is that I don’t know the cheat death passive has occurred, and I die without waiting for it to cooldown.

I know where to see it, I DON’T see it because I’m looking straight at my toon moving around the screen, and nowhere else.

Don’t tell me what I should do, I want them to change the way it looks so I never miss it :slight_smile:

That would be making my character change to a solid color when passive is activated. Because that’s all I’m looking at, and that’s all I’m going to look at :slight_smile:

If there were something I could do for myself, I would be doing that :slight_smile:
It’s something I need Blizzard to do.

And I seriously doubt they will, I just wanted to get the idea out there in the extremely unlikely event no one has thought of it :slight_smile:

Well, I also wanted to see if anyone else had that problem, but I guess it’s just me :slight_smile:

Hardcore in Diablo 4 might work better for me, if it’s ever released :slight_smile:

There is a verbal que. Your character tells you that he needs healing or something like that when awareness triggers.

Pretty much all negative procs appear on the right side of the screen (like being affected by chill or poisoned. YOu don’t need to know what the proc is, just assume its awareness or any of the other cheat death perks.