How to post a reply or new topic?

in the barbarian forums i am looking for help and have a question. I can’t seem to find a way to create a topic. Yes i am brand new to the forums so is there some kind of blackout period or am i just missing something? plz help, its been 2 or 3 days now and still nothing is available. thx.

Are you perhaps playing on a console?

I know those guys don’t have access to post anywhere but here and the console specific boards. So that could be a factor.

If you are having issues posting there, try posting your question here.

A lot of us look for new threads/posts so it will most likely be seen by some of the guru’s.

As for replying to your own thread, the forum will lock you out until someone else posts on it. You should be able to reply here now that I’ve responded.

i can reply and post in this forum, but when i try to reply or post in the barbarian forums or general discussion i am unable to click on the “new topic” button and make a post. There is no “reply” option for anyones post either.

Many forums are restricted to PC D3 owners. Seems you are not, you can only post on some forums.

i have the game now, i can post in necro, but not wd or barb or gd…is therte reqs after u purchasde the game?

There is a limit of new topics/posts.
Might be you have reached the limit. Try again later.

Read about Trust Level in this article for details: New Forum Guide - Syntax & Features

Edit: perhaps you need to logout and relogin the forum to refresh your account information.