How to improve endgame while keeping D2R faithful

Add the Nine circles of hell endgame system

Note: could be less circles, 9 is thematic to Dante’s inferno. Could be lowered to 4 like Diablo 1 area 13-16

Beat Nightmare and you appear in act 1 of the 9th circle of hell

Only this circle grants you skill/stats/resist rewards

Besting the 9th circle of hell you gain access to the 8th circle of hell which is harder, +2 to all Monsters and area levels

Follow this concept until you arrive at the final circle of hell where All areas are at least alvl85 allowing people to farm in new ways but beware, everything is harder…Diablo is now stronger than Uber diablo

This would open farming to all the areas of your liking

You would see people doing full clear countess runs, hell tombruns, cow game would be back on the menu

This way the game doesn’t get new content, it just unlocks already existing content to new approaches

This would also be a Huge component of the ladder, now not only people look for who’s going to be 99first but also who is going to beat Final Hell first

This is the minimum alteration of the game I think we can do to get something close to an endgame buff but it comes at a huge cost in difficulty… this isn’t powercreep, it’s risk vs reward

Note: people often talk about /players x command on bnet but this is different, /players x only affect “no drop”, it doesn’t change the a/mlvl which is important for drops limitations which is why people do Pitruns, it’s alvl85

Umm… Where did you come up with all of this?

Here you go just for reference.

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Didn’t know I needed improvement


lmfao :rofl: wayyyy tooo funny!

This is indeed a funny one lol

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but… people thing you are boring and repetitive mate :frowning:

I’m here to help, make you more versatile :sweat_smile: cuz I care about you

I am for changes to Diablo 2. But I don’t understand Sekscalibure’s concept, sorry.

Why not just add a 4th difficulty such as inferno mode after hell difficulty?

Well it’s basically that but instead of making everything super hard in 1 swoop like D3 did and it was dumb, it’s scaled on the span of 4 hell difficulties

It allows people to gradually improve and tackle harder content rather than shoving the hardest in their face

See, you’re taking about grindgame, not Endgame. The endgame, once you have beaten hell difficulty, dclone and Uber trist, is to shed soft core and move to hardcore without using cookie cutter builds (as much as you can, anyway, given the game’s age).

It’s dramatically more fun slow walking untwinked hardcore normal to hell difficulty with a class and build you’ve never used before. When that gets too easy, then it’s time to start removing crutches - skip rune words as a first step.

I’ll be trying my hand at a frost nova / firewall / enchant Sorc for my first play though, playing with two friends that I played d2 with in college back when LoD first dropped. One bud is thinking of doing a Frenzy Barb, and the other a zealot Paladin of some form. We are exceptionally unlikely to do mind numbing Baal / whatever runs - just slow walk the whole game on each difficulty clearing everything. Once we beat hell Baal, we will probably abandon those builds start over again. I’ve never gotten around to playing a Summon + Werewolf Druid before, so I’ll probably do that on pass 2.

D2R Should Allow An Auction House

(1) D2R Should Allow An Auction House : Diablo (

i would say this post is a trainwreck, but i don’t think it even started on the tracks


That’s your personal definition of which is perfectly correct it but for most people, D2 endgame is just the grind for items/wealth or to the highest level possible

D2’s endgame is fine as it is. For those that want to make it to level 99 they have things that they can do.

Players that want to farm for keys for ubers or farming anything else have activities that they can do for those things.

Endgame in D2 is min/maxing your char till your eyes bleed, and then moving on to a new character. How does an extra level of difficulty change that?

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