How to get a good Squirt's Necklace?

Hi. I’m around 2k Paragon, most of my gear is either Ancient or Primal Ancient, all augmented. I have a decent non-ancient Squirt’s, but I’ve been trying to get an Ancient one with Crit change, Crit damage, socket and either Cold or Arcane damage, bur despite all my efforts, it has simply been impossible. I’m running GRs 130 in around 3.5 min, spend all my blood shards, and have tried Legendary Re-roll for weeks (literally spent about 300 bounty mats yesterday alone, trying to re-roll a decent one, all in vain).

Is there a more efficient way to get it? I can’t use primal recipe, already used it for weapon, and it is capped to 1.


Keep playing. Pray loot lord. Gamble amulets.

If you want cold reforge/upgrade amulets on a necro. They only have 3 elements in its loot table.


That is pretty smart, didn’t know that. I do have a necro, will try there, thanks!

You’re welcome. Upgrading amulets on necro is one of my favorite mat sinks :wink:

They have so many cool necklaces

I’ve Kadala’s thousands of Amulets, as well as reforged them with Kanai’s, …, and have never gotten a perfect ancient/Primal Squirt’s.
The point is, Primal’s for all your other items are better to find, and you should just primordial ashes your Squirt’s.