How to fix d3d on diablo 3

don’t know, not sure

Have you tried the suggested steps in:


Will the game not run? Or are you seeing this?:

If you’re getting that message, you should be able to click OK and it should run fine.

If not, try @Boubou’s link for suggestions to troubleshoot the issue.

Good luck.

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As much as I hate necroing threads, this issue is sadly still relavent as it is now an exceedingly common occurrence. On my 1080 Ti, it didn’t have this problem. But it seems that D3 does not play well with a 4090 regardless of driver version. I’ve tried them all to no avail - it’s almost a 50/50 coin toss as to whether or not this error pops up on startup. Something about the D3 engine does not play well with modern GPUs. I suspect that the issue may lie with the absurdly low GPU utilization this game has even with everything maxed preventing proper initialization of D3D. I have a feeling that this will just get worse over time until the game becomes unplayable due to its engine not getting any tangible updates to stay modernized.

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