How the heck do you target on PC?

I just bought D3 for the PC, been playing for years on the Xbox and the transition has not been smooth. At all. Moving is difficult, everything feels clunky and the apparent lack of support for controllers is almost a deal breaker for me but I’m trying to give it time and get used to the keyboard/mouse combination.
On Xbox you can target an enemy and focus your attack, I cannot figure out how to do that on the PC. I’m only a level 10, just started playing tonight and I’m massively frustrated.

Left mouse click = move to where you clicked / attack the mob your mouse pointer is over.

Diablo 1 release date: 1996-12-31 - mouse & keyboard
Diablo 2 release date: 2000-06-29 - mouse & keyboard
Diablo 3 release date: 2012-05-12 - mouse & keyboard

We PC players play diablo for almost 25 years with mouse & keyboard.
It’s part of the genre, it’s tradition.

Shift+ Left mouse click = Forced attack/stand still with left mouse skill

You can also bind some key or mouse wheel to Force move action.

I played Diablo 1. I was a beta tested for Diablo 2, back in the day when they actually had to send you an actual disk of the game to play. I didn’t get D3 for the PC until now because I no longer have a desktop, just a laptop and we had bought an Xbox so we could play video games with our young grandsons. I just ordered a gaming mouse, hopefully that’ll help.

So you’re playing D3 with the laptop trackpad? No wonder you’re having issues. You need a mouse, any mouse, even a 2-button basic mouse, to play this game.

That’s all I have ever used. All this talk of gaming mouses, etc…pfft. Tried using a trackball. No way, no how.

I’m left handed with a right hand that’s rather disabled, the gaming mouse I bought just has extra hot keys that can be mapped. $16.99 :slight_smile: