How strong is the guardian set?

Over normal wrap of clarity, wraps, depth diggers cubed… strictly for speeds. Right now. I do 2min gr 100’s, but I cannot do higher… Ideally, I want to be at sub 2min gr120+

p1000 right now

For 2 min speeds you want Guardians for consistent damage, no sense waiting around, or missing your CoE cycle. In the beginning it is way stronger than CoE+Wraps.

After you get to about 2200-2500 paragon, swap it to Aughilds.

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are you saying that at certain people 2x dex will be overcome by 30% dam increase? I wonder what that point is actually…

right now with guardian I am at 29K Dex at p1890

Yes, your paragon will raise your main stat to a point where the percent increase from Guardians is lower than the percent increase from Captain Crimson or Aughilds.

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One important thing to remember about Guardian set is that it only doubles the base main stat of the gear. Main stat from augments and paragon are not doubled. If switching from Guardian to Aughild means that the total loss of main stat is less than 30%, the switch is worth it.

29300 dex with it and 20425 without, coming close to 30%
life is 1.35mil vs 547k
shield much higher with guardian. i plan to run speeds for th time being. i cleared 135 so far, so not in a rush… doing 116’s inside 2 min

20425 → 29300 = 43.45%

On which build are you considering the switch?

pure GoD DH. only thing I am swapping for speeds, is 1 passive…

at p2212 I did some testing. I ran 5 gr120’s with both sets. guardian is fine, but does seem a bit slower. Aughild seems a bit faster when taking town elites. I also did plannr check and Aughild shows 29.2mil hungering dps and 10.7 dps below it. and with guardian it’s 25.5mil and 9.3 respectively.

however, with guardian, I get procced once in a while and die maybe once every 50 gr’s. but with Aughild i get procced all the time and die every 2-3 rifts. diff in HP is massive, obviously. I feel like I can play around with Aughild and in a good rift, with shield/power/etc pylons, I can prob clear 2gr’s higher, but for speeds, I think i’ll stick with guardian


32107 or 37%