How many primals per character?

I have a wizard that has a primal weapon, and I cannot equip anything else that is a primal.

My other characters have 2 or three, and the wizard is not allowed to equip more than one? Am I the only one getting this issue?

Not a bug

Only one upgraded Primal Item may be worn at a time

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As @Strix pointed out:

  1. You can equip as many Primal items as you want (or find).
  2. You can only equip one Crafted Primal item at a time.


Thank you for dumbing it down for me! I did not realize there were stipulations between created and found! Thank you for that! I appreciate you and Strix for the replies, but you more so for explaining it like you did.

Good luck out there guys! Sorry for my misunderstanding!

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