How many Hellfire Mats on Torment IV?

Season 30, Patch 2.7.7


Region Class Game Mode Difficulty
Americas Demon Hunter Normal Solo Self-Found Torment IV (T4)

I had finished Season Journey Chapter 3 and was working on Chapter 4 to complete my 6-piece Haedrig’s Set. I also wanted to unlock the 6th Seal on the Altar of Rites, which requires 1 each of the Hellfire Mats.

I switched from Torment II (T2) to Torment IV (T4). I killed the Keywardens to collect one of each Infernal Machine. I took the Machines to Act I and entered the Heretic’s Abode.

  1. I opened a Portal to the Realm of Regret where I collected 3 Leoric’s Regrets.
  2. I opened a Portal to the Realm of Putridness where I collected 2 Vials of Putridness.
  3. I opened a Portal to the Realm of Terror where I collected 2 Idols of Terror.
  4. I opened a Portal to the Realm of Fright where I collected 1 Heart of Fright.

Receiving only 1 Heart of Fright threw up a “red flag”. I should have received 1 to 2 Mats, or 2 to 3 Mats. (I couldn’t remember which).

I tabbed out of my game to access D3 Resource - Difficulty Overview, where I confirmed a guarantee of 1 Hellfire Mat on T4 with a 50% chance to drop 2 Mats. I should not even see a third Mat until Torment VIII (T8). And that’s only with a 10% chance.


This was my first time running the Realms in Season 30. I started with 0 Mats. I previously had not collected any Hellfire Mats and I had not spent any Hellfire Mats.