How long is beta usually

how long does the beta for diablo 2 resurrected last.

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Hard to say, D3 open beta was like 12 days I think. They have said something about being over the span of two weekends but doesn’t mention if continuous or segmented.

I would assume a week or two max but just a guess.


This is what our community manager said:


I guess my Tuesdays and Wednesdays off aren’t going to work for me then. Understandable though.

Thanks for the responses.

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their is nothing in that blue post that says you wont be able to play on tues and wed, not saying you will just that we don’t know but all we can say is 2 weekends will be involved

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Lol? It literally says, that the phases ARE weekends, not “weekends are part of them” or so. According to the blue post, it’s really only the weekends. But only because a Blizzard employee posts this, doesn’t mean, that it is going to turn out this way.

Do you just have a lot of mouses? Or is your house infested with mice?

Most probably less than one week long, 3-5 days imo

“think” of them “as weekends” not only weekends and also you could have 1 beta that lasts 2 weeks with multiple phases within the time period, they never said it was literally only the weekends

No, because then you can not think of the phase as a weekend, right? Then the weekend is not the phase, but just a part of the phase.

Honestly beta is just a distraction. My sights are set on the sept release. thats when i can reconnect with the old gang and kill us some Big D!

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he didn’t say it was a weekend he said think of it as a weekend, never heard of a long weekend before?

You are drawing too many “facts” from a purposefully vague statement that leaves it open for them to do practically anything he didn’t even say they would be actual weekends though I assume they would be because that is when most people are active and it’s a stress test.

Wow, let’s have a look here:

“You can think of it as a…” is literally the same as “You can think of it being a…”, right?

So “You can think of a tiger as a big cat” means “You think of a tiger being a big cat.”

And “You can think of the phases as different weekends” means “You can think of the phases BEING different weekends”.

So phase = weekend, according to the bluepost. Not “weekend is part of the phase”. I am not saying, that the beta is definitely going to be on weekends only. But the bluepost itself is literally saying this, yes.

Beta is usually 4 characters.