How do you get 3 sockets on amulets, rings and weapons?

Can someone explain this

Is this some bug on the leaderboard page or did they add something to the game to allow this? I haven’t really played since probably season 15

Cheating bastards… This is modded gear that is NOT part of the game. Alas, it’s everywhere except for seasonal x-box…

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You hack your own save game. It is not permitted but nothing really seems to happen to people who do it nor are the “leader” boards cleared to reflect actuality.

Do a quick Googs on “hacking Diablo 3 season” or something.

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oh. Thanks for the intel. I had no idea this was happening, I thought they used to control the saves.

If by “they” you mean the manufacturers of a given console, then “they” do through encryption. However, said methods have been cracked (except, at least not generally known to be, on XBOX) which leads to the ability to modify them manually. In theory, the PS5 is a little more secure if it forces cloud save so the save cannot be directly edited locally, but still, it can be downloaded/uploaded so… not really.

Blizzard has never controlled the save on console. They can implement a checksum when joining/creating a game for anticheat mechanisms and this is done… sometimes… but it never seems to go far enough to matter for the constant 1 second GR150 clears.

That is awesome. Wish we can do this.

You can. Just cheat.

that would be a fun season theme. multiple sockets on items.

On switch leaderboard some players did gr150 solo in under 90s. Why doesn’t blizzard just ban these blatantly cheating accounts? Just bad all around.

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For one, an account is not actually needed. At least on PS4, it is entirely possible to play a season with no account at all.

What can Blizzard ban on consoles? Nothing!

To be more specific a account is not needed. To play online one needs PSN account on PS4/5 for example if I’m not mistaken but Blizzard has zero control over that.

Physical media also still exist on consoles and physical copies of D3 on consoles are not tied to anything so there’s nothing stopping cheaters from playing the game even if by some miracle they were blocked from online gaming. This is a stark difference from PC where if one gets a permaban, he/she loses the entire game license and has to buy a new one to play again.

So really what can Blizzard do to the cheating on consoles besides adding some sanity checks?