How do i use altar of rights

how do i use altar of rights

Basics are simple…

You have to be in Season to access the altar. As you activate nodes new nodes will become available. To activate a node click on it, it will show the cost to activate it, if you have the required offering accept it and the node activates. At first you can only activate the top node which takes 10 Reusable Parts to activate. This grants you increased benefits from kill streaks.

Later nodes may require you to “Sacrifice” an item to make the offering. For those nodes the item you need to sacrifice must be in your inventory. For example there’s a node that requires any Set Helm piece. Click on the Sacrifice option then chose the item from your inventory to give it to the altar.

Once you activate the first node you can go left or right. To the right is a node that allows you to wear any level gear even at level 1 – very useful and powerful. It takes 10 Arcane Ashes (the blue mat), 25 Reusable Parts (white), and a Flawless Diamond (or better).

Each node you activate requires a more difficult to obtain offering. So plan your path thru the altar carefully. There are plenty of guides online talking about ways to optimize your experience.

They talk about it in this blog :point_down:

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