How do I send to public in chat?

I typed /?, but it doesn’t tell me how to broadcast. I tried /send, but it said “Not a valid recipient.”

As for chat. There is no global chat for the server like in MMOs. The chat is only for your own party up to a max of 4. There is also a chat for a clan if you are member of one. You talk in the party or clan chat by hitting enter and typing your message then hitting enter again. If you are alone and not in a group then you will be the only one who sees it tho.

But, I can receive Public Chat, and it looks like lots of other people are posting it.

By any chance are you on console? As far as I know PC has no global chat of any kind. I know nothing about console however.

I’m on PC. My chat options are ALL (which includes NPC interactions), PARTY, WHISPER, CLAN, COMMUNITY, and PUBLIC CHAT (which seems to have a limit of 99 members.)

I see, I have never used public chat, as far as I know then you would hit enter, type the message and hit enter again to send it.

Looking at the options, there is a gear icon in top left and you would need to choose to join whichever group of chat you desire, and then use the enter/message/enter method.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Although I mostly wanted to use it to ask questions, and you’ve already answered my main one.

Type /1, hit enter. That puts you in public chat (or at least it used to - it’s been acting goofy lately, at times, so that may have changed). Then just press enter, chat line opens, type your message, hit enter. It is then displayed in public chat for all to see.

General Chat, which is usually assigned to /1 is the closest thing you can get to a global chat channel in Diablo III. That’s because chat channels are limited to a maximum of 99 players per channel. So, if an instance of General Chat fills up, i.e. it gets to 99 players, the next player that joins a game gets assigned to a new instance of General Chat. The game will continue to have as many instances of General Chat as are required to accommodate all the players that want to be in it. So, if you had 500 players that are configured to join General Chat when they start the game, the server will create 6 instances of General Chat (5 with 99 players in each of them, and the 6th with 5 in it).

i dont get it. what do u mean? send what? messages?