How do I play with other people

How do I join a game to play with other people****

Whilst you’re at your hero selection screen, click on Game Settings (as shown below)…

Then change the game type from Private Game to Public Game, choose the sort of content you want to do, i.e. Bounties, Rifts, Greater Rifts, and click Join Game (as shown below)…

The difficulty at which you can join Public games depends on your solo GR clearances (as shown below)…

To Access Public Group Solo GR completion Required
Normal No requirement
Hard No requirement
Expert No requirement
Master No requirement
Torment I-VI No requirement
Torment VII Solo Greater Rift 30
Torment VIII Solo Greater Rift 35
Torment IX Solo Greater Rift 40
Torment X Solo Greater Rift 45
Torment XI Solo Greater Rift 50
Torment XII Solo Greater Rift 55
Torment XIII Solo Greater Rift 60
Torment XIV Solo Greater Rift 65
Torment XV Solo Greater Rift 70
Torment XVI Solo Greater Rift 75

Other things to keep in mind: Most people play seasons, and at this stage, most people are playing on the highest Torment levels. If you are playing non-seasonal, or at a lower Torment level, you may have a hard time finding other players. This game is 10 years old, and the player base is much smaller than it once was.

You can also join a clan or community to play with others.

Thanks that helps. I played it 10 years ago. Found my disk after moving. And installed it again. Totally different

For future reference: You do not need your Game Disc, as long as you remember your Blizzard Account login information. Just download and install the Battle․net Desktop App (Launcher). Run the Launcher. Find and click on Diablo III. Then, click the Install button.

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