How did I die? Was slain by "unknown"

Trying to figure out how I died in this instance as my passive did not trigger and I was just doing bounties which is not particularly difficult content for my character. I had no warning, was full health one second and then the next was completely dead. In the chat it just says Ooutz was slain so not much help there and in the hall of heroes it just says slain by unknown. I would provide a screenshot of my death but apparently I cant post links so not too sure how to share that?

I had this happen to me a extremely long time ago. Lucky for me I knew what killed me. It was one of those fire blasting things in azamodons map tiles. On the death screen it said slain by unknown. So if I had to guess it was a trap of some sort that killed you.

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Those generally called demonic forge(s), just fyi :wink: I may have died to 1,2…or 10x that to them :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my friends got killed by “fire wall” in act 3.
Hardcore mode, and when I heard it I was laughing like hell.

“Xxxx was slain by fire wall”

Certain Elites/Bosses have a Reflects Damage modifier that can instant kill you with no warning. It redirects your attack damage back to you. If you have high damage output this could be the cause. High Vit, Life Regen, healing, Life per Resouce Spent, Health Globe bonus, and Life On Hit/Kill can help to combat this.

My guess is that this is what happened as well. The clue here is bounties. There is a Key Guardian that reflects and my guess is that you probably one shot yourself. Pretty bad game design. They should change this enemy so that he hits you for like 25% - 30% of your hp if you attack him during his reflect attack so that its normalized. To get one shot ESPECIALLY in HC is pretty crappy game design especially when you can pull him from ranged with a bunch of mobs and not really realize it your playstyle is to kite groups of mobs as you deal damage.

I think whats even worse, is that EVEN knowing that this guy reflects, his reflect phase can start when attacks are going out. So he starts spinning AFTER you launched certain attacks, and bam, you proc death avoidance but the second hit kills you. If you are going to have a character that can one shot you, then that ability needs a significant call out or needs to be normalized to not kill you in one hit.

Can you tell I hate that key guardian?

I cannot speak for anyone else, but the sh!ttiest way to die is ‘killed by environment’. Followed closely with killed by ISP and killed by lag.
Apparently it shows the message you got if you archive the character.

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Thats great and all but when it says you have been slain, dosen’t say by what, and there are no minions near you. Then what? did my champ cut his own head off? opps I dropped my sword? !!!

Ring war, is my best explanation. Unit profiles, are a part of the game. Custom shadow armor should still be holy armor.

Named creatures are a part of some armor sold by auction sites. Not all are as reputable as e-bay. I do not advise abandoning any scan or adding them to an account. Many are L.A. scans of equipment that record a bomb shell. A billion damage, or whatever.