Hoping Blizzard can make full use of the next two weeks

In addition to fixing bugs, it is important to optimize Akkhan Phalanx Condemn and Magic Missile of DMO.
In PTR Phase 2, Akkhan Phalanx Condemn is disappointing. The best choice is to use Akarat’s Champion-Rally rune and Phalanx-Shield Bearers rune. Such Crusader does not fit the role of a Judge in Blizzard’s anticipation, but is like a machine that refreshes skills.And it needs buff at least 10 tiers. dmkt’s post has carried out a lot of tests and detailed proposals on Akkhan Phalanx Condemn. Hoping Blizzard will notice it.
Although Mirror Ball buffed 400-500% damage, Magic Missile of DMO is still weak.Players don’t know what value it has,I saw the non-Season of PTR’s Board,Magic Missile of DMO needs at least buff 15 tiers.
Finally, thanks for Blizzard’s work in repairing bugs during the PTR. I hope that in the next two weeks, Blizzard will focus on Akkhan Phalanx Condemn and Magic Missile of DMO. Akkhan Phalanx Condemn is a very imaginative design. I hope it can meet the expectations of Blizzard and players.