Hope for balance patch?

I know we are in maintance mode, however, I would love to see some balancing patch.
I got a pretty decent Inna, could do a 110 in 13min. But this set was nerfed, and why I do not know. I put together a Tal wizard today. I do have full gear just like my monk, but was 8min faster. 110 in 5min.
So can we hope for a balance patch or are they just leaving it as is?

Seems it is what it is. If they were going to do something for this season, we would have had a PTR before season.

Every x amount of seasons when Shards return, the balance will be decent. All the other seasons will different Themes affecting builds differently are going to have whack balance.

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Shame. while it is impossible to get equal set balance, I would love seeing more buffs overall so we at least could play different builds

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Try a necro.






Not gonna buy the pack just to play it this season only

We asked for a balance patch and, unfortunately, we got one that only balanced the class sets against the rest of that class’ sets rather than balance how each class performs relative to each other. That’s not the purpose of a balance patch but they seem to think it’ll do.

It’s wasted effort and only resulted in me having less faith with what the current Diablo team will do with D4.

Would have been overlooked by me at least had they added the Altar and Fissures to NS.

Unfortunately, this is game going forward. Some themes will benefit some classes more. What really needed to happen to balance the themes would be for each theme to come with a passive damage multiplier for each class to get their top builds performing on par. It’s too much work to rebalance the sets every patch.

I bought the pack on discount for just the extra stash tabs and character slots :rofl:

The necro and all the cosmetics were just a bonus.

Though, since they added in the bone spear set and also reworked Trag’ouls, I actually find that there are cookie cutter Necro builds worth playing.

Trust me, it’s worth the price of a starbucks coffee or the extra stash tabs. Not that I buy my coffee at starbucks. :rofl: :coffee:


Play non-season.

No alter everything balanced, so easy a level 12,000 can do it

Balance has been done already. All builds have scaled their power by the effort; minimal required inputs, obstacles they face and risk they take. Not saying they haven’t tried to defy this design before though, but it was at S21 where everyone had the same benefits and not a specific build. Not all Seasons deal equal treatment sadly; so it’s out of context if you want a total balance by looking at the current Season theme.

If you can prove that Inna’s Set build includes more risk of losing flow than Tal Rasha at its current state, then they might consider a small buff to Inna’s. Otherwise I wouldn’t count on it now that game is being shelved. By the gameflow, Tal Rasha synchronizes the inputs to the chronological order of CoE, while Inna awaits one cycle to burst everything down. Apparently, one is valued over the other so power scale worked that way.

Did Blizz say if they will use Season 28s theme again eventually ie the full blown Altar?

Seems highly unlikely.

Yeah, this looks balanced…


I see. I just don’t get why inna was nerfed, and many sets out there are just not performing as well as some other ones.

Yeah, I’ve never really played it outside of the weekly challenge rifts. I do want to try it but I just dont play enough to justify buying it.

There is still more work to be done. I get season themes are a thing that buff certain builds, but there are still builds that lack a lot.

When I played yesterday with tal, it was like having 2 x power pylons. It was that powerful. 5min 110 grift vs 13min grift says it all. I even tried 10 times to finish a 110 on the monk.
Even the items speaks for themselves. Tal got headpiece, boots, 2 staves, while inna do not.

Tal Tasha was “balanced” heavily. It’s not as powerful as in season 28 (and 29). This is how “balance” usually works. We have to adapt and use what works. If our favourite build doesn’t cut it we’ll have to switch to another.

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Your personal experience is not objective. You could have pushed more time on one character or get luckier with one or the other. That’s little to no chance that they have equal power. Besides, feeling like you have 10 power pylons, is not entirely helping.

Having more supporting items are irrelevant to decision making in combat, minimal inputs required to operate a build or risks of losing your flow of momentum against the odds. If one build have top notch items then they’re irreplacable while other inferior builds can afford to change something.

If your build require higher input and coordinate your vision with your hands constantly, as in cognitive checks, then that build will be scaled higher. In case your build is rewarded by inputting monotonous commands with no flow breaks, then your power will be scaled according to that. Because monotonous inputs nullify the weight of decision making. If you have too many inputs yet can not seem to break away from limitations, then perhaps look for higher sustain instead of damage output. That ought to help when you divert away from traditional guides to experiment abit.

Since you can not change the core idea of how a build works or convince developers for another cognitive check after a decade, I don’t think there will be a buff. That’s because builds are balanced by their inputs, obstacles and decision making, not by throwing mud at a wall to see what sticks. Also, as others mentioned, Tal Rasha is tweaked already and I don’t think Wizards would take another nerf kindly. Neither your build deserves a buff out of thin air when you compare it with others.

But this should not be the case. I get that balancing equally can’t be done. But the difference is too huge. We should be able to play every set instead of one that dominates compared to others. It was insane how well Tal was working comparing to Inna.

But it kinda is. If I do 5min 110 first try with no issues on a Tal Wizard and tried multiple times on Inna, there is a huge difference, which should not be there.

They are relevant to how much power a set has. I get that every skill has different ways how they work, but it still remains = some sets are underperforming while others can dominate. My example is the reason behind why we need more balancing.
And you need to compare. If one set put together gets 8min faster time than another, there is something wrong. While skill etc. can be a thing, this is just too large of a difference to be ignored

I don’t see anything wrong with it; one build can perform well with 30 actions per minute, while other require 15 actions per minute, thus higher APM build soars higher considering it’s not monotonous commands. One build can encounter 10 monster types that can be detrimental to their combat flow at random, while other build only have 5 on their list; then the build who has higher threat count gets higher power because it has more obstacles

There are more than one variable to balancing this game and it’s not all about your favorite build or “item power”. Look at Tal and Inna’s; one build is a caster with Area Damage, and other is a clone build with no Area Damage. ofcourse there will be a difference in power, let along required input. They’re not one in the same.

If you’re saying Innas was nerfed in the last patch, it wasn’t:

Every season, every non season, it’s the same builds that keeps dominating, why? Simply cause they are better. Why are nobody pushing Inna then? Or uliana? Roland sader? Jade wd? Cause they all got better sets that performs better overall. And this should not be the case.

I didn’t. But it was nerfed from 1500 to 900 and there were no reason to do so

Going from 3000% to 1500%, I can understand. I was able to plow through content and half-pay attention. Going from 1500 to 900 was an odd choice. It’s still good for things like farming…