Holding CTRL doesn't show the stat range of the gems

I’d post a picture but I doubt I’ll ever be allowed to and don’t feel like posting it somewhere. Anyone can figure this out and already has most likely.

We have.

How about: Gems DO NOT have Stat Ranges. So, pressing Ctrl does nothing when mousing-over a Gem.

The Stat is static and determined by the quality of the Gem.

As this is in the PTR forum, I presume the OP means the new shards (not actual gems).

I know that. I was making a point.

It’s still the same.

  • Pressing Ctrl and mousing-over a Gem does nothing.
  • Pressing Ctrl and mousing-over a Legendary Gem does nothing.
  • Pressing Ctrl and mousing-over a Legendary Soul Shard does nothing.

You cannot Enchant Gems, Legendary Gems or Legendary Soul Shards. You can only upgrade them to their maximum Quality or Rank.

It is not a bug. It is working as intended.

All the other gems have fixed values (non-legendary) or have ranks which increase their values by a set amount per rank, so that makes sense. However, the soul shards have values which are in ranges, just like armour / weapons / jewellery does. Even though you cannot amend those values, you might be interested in seeing what range the values can be.

For example, the weapon shards give an increase to base weapon damage. The lowest I have gives 274, the highest I have gives 294. I presume the range is something like 270-300 but it’d be nice to know when I upgrade a new one whether I’ve got one that’s a dud, or one that’s excellent. How do I tell if I don’t know what the ranges for the values are?