Hitting a wall at 144

Can someone take a look at my S25 monk (SeaMonkee) and help me figure out why I’ve hit a wall at 144?

I know part is skill as I’m not 100% accurate with the timing of the rotation, but sometimes I am spot on and allies don’t kill anything (even trash). I’m following the maxroll guide but obviously my rolls and gear aren’t perfect. I’m sitting at near 4.3mil sheet DPS / 266mil toughness in town but I can’t survive in 144 even with 1.6mil life. CDR just under 41% which guide says is fine…

My dregs has 299dam/25%fire/144crit/21elite (by far best I’ve rolled).
(I’ve just tried a sliver with 20% elite DR and it wasn’t even a bit helpful vs the one I usually have in with 10xx dex)

I’ve tried the lefeb/spirit and aughilds and either way, I’m just keeping up with timer and then bam, dead which leads to more chain deaths and then i’m behind too much and rage quit.

Am I just at the point of having to really fish for a perfect map/mob combo due to only being low 1700s paragon? Seems like even if I can get a festering or battlefields it’s full of freaking illusionist/arcane/juggs and whatnot…

My 143 is my highest ever solo clear, do I just need to grind more paragon and eventually I’ll get over the hump??

Oh and don’t mention the pants, I rolled those for farming and then accidentally salvaged my other ancient pair that were better rolled early on…

hmm looking at ur profile…it alrady pretty good :3 a few thing i can suggest is :

  • ur passive try changer harmony to unity
  • u know about all skill jewelry for follower ? since we a using enfocer gem the follower will get reduce dmg to so we can use all skill jewelry with enchantress follower it will buff alot of ur status like cdr - elemnt dmg - attack speed -etc, since i notice tat u a using cant die jewelryon enchantress in case i am wrong just ignore this advice
  • also if posible dont use too much equipment with spirit status secondary like helm and weapon, so when u activated mystic ally u will gain max spirit and activated senlong buff at once, this cant be happen if u have another spirit buff item , since u will not gain max spirit when activated ally
  • implosion is not really good idea, since if u surround by too much enemy ally have tendency to not explode well , we fight with small group of enemy at once so dont bring too much or ur ally will confuse and dont explode very well
    good luck

Ok… lets look at the gear:

No cool down on your shoulders
only 5% cool down on your gloves
You need about 40% cooldown total to be able to hit your COE cycle every time on fire. 20 seconds or less for ally to come back up or you will miss your next fire.
Try and get your main gems to 150. You can do 1% upgrades at 134 on them until they are
150. Try and get all res on your chest armor

When you say you are hitting your cycles… explain what you think a correct cycle is?

If you are a pro monk player (which I am guessing you are not) you could do it at 1700p. You should aim for more like 2500p That will give you a little more room for errors. I cleared a 150 at 2100p, but I also played monk last season.

Either way, you are going to have to fish for a good rift. Festering with swarms, small spiders or something that does not hurt a lot. Don’t pull more than 2 elites unless you have condi. If you think you are going to just walk into any GR 150 and clear it at 1700p you will be in for a lot of disappointment.

nice said :rofl: i am also not pro monk player , i did everything in order still rng not beside me, no condu at the right place or good map, keep ur spirit up i only able to finish 150 after got 3k para :joy: so don tgive up 143 on 1700 is already amazing imo

Thanks for the replies…

I’m at 40.77 CDR even without it on shoulders and only 5% on gloves so should be fine there right?

Yes, I need my gems up so will work on that part, I just hate the failing LOL

all-res over vit on chest? gear drops not so RNG friendly for me as usual this season…

Cycles - gather a mob, halfway through phy hit Serenity, half into cold hit inner sanc…pop a couple cyclones before fire so when I hit ally it maxes bonus, spam cyclone until fire ends and then rinse repeat…(and no, i’m not skilled enough to pull the inventory screen to check dragon proc LOL)

I’m definitely not a pro monk player, this is the first season I’ve really focused on monk (mainly DH and even still playing GoD this season). I know 150 is doable, just hoping I can do before 2500 since my highest season para is 2k LOL, just gotta keep grinding.

First, 1700 paragon and good gear doesn’t mean that you can open a 150 and clear it 75% of the times. It means that you can clear a 150 with fishing for the right rift. You will need an open map with good monster type, manageable elite affixes and useful pylon spawns. Less fishing needed if your mechanics are very good, but this is not the case for most people (mine aren’t for sure).

Your gear is fine, but not great, which is expected at 1700. Like your amulet is a trifecta, but mininum roll fire and close to min roll crit damage. You weapons both have CDR which is the correct roll for speeds which you should be focusing on at 1700, but for pushing it’s better to have damage or ias and get CDR from slots like shoulders where you don’t have to give up damage for the CDR.

So while 150 should be clearable with what you have, if you’re not pr0, and don’t particularly enjoy the menu simulator of fishing for the perfect rift, then the better option may be to go back to running speeds and get some more paragon and a few upgrades with some luck. Throw a few keys at pushing every 100 paragon or so, and see how it feels.

This might be an area for improvement. If you cyclone too much before ally, you might drain your resources and not get the shen-long proc. Are you looking at your resources before you press ally to make sure you’re getting shen long?

Another thing that you didn’t mention, but maybe you’re doing: Once you click serenity (end of physical is enough), you stand still until you popped, to make sure endless walk is in damage mode.

Another thing you didn’t mention: try to save 2 teleport stacks for the pop, so that you can use one just before to get the buff, and still have a second charge up to teleport to oculus ring that will help the last trailing split allies.

Good luck!

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Thanks Cascade,

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting to do 150 yet (without a gg rift/mob combo for sure but I really dislike fishing), just trying to get past the 144 right now :slight_smile:

And yeah, my gear is ok, but like you mentioned, some have decent thought but crap rolls (ammy for sure)…but RNG is RNG and I never seem to win that lottery.

I didn’t realize the stand still after serenity (I guess mainly due to getting clobbered when it goes on CD) but I do try to have dashing up to get to an occy ring after the pop (though not always able and my dashing skill is minimal). I do keep an eye on spirit and don’t let it get too low (though I admit sometimes I do over cyclone and miss the shenlong buff).

Thanks for the tips…grind away coming.

Just listing a few more details. You probably know most of them, but good to double check.

Serenity lasts 4 seconds, so if you press it just as physical ends, it goes on CD jsut as fire starts, giving you the extra damage from sliver. I think it takes 5s for endless walk to go from full defense to full offense if standing still, so the 4 seconds during serenity should be enough. And you chain sanctuary by clicking it just as serenity ends (so end of cold), and it’ll go on CD as well for fire cycle. That way you should start fire at full health and sanctuary should allow you stay alive comfortably until you teleport out.

And bear in mind that teleport is a sizeable damage buff as well, so tele in mid-end of cold to be on top of your target (the elite typically) just before you place your sanct and do your pre-cyclone, to avoid teleporting out of sanctuary.

Another common issue is that too big packs of trash block your allies, preventing them from reaching your target, and you’ll misfire. Mitigate by avoiding too big packs if you can, and continue moving and spamming cycle after you pop, to shake up the pull and allow allies through the crowd.

Might be educational to record yourself and the check if you actually have all your buffs up (ideally) every pop. I think they all have visual indicators that are easy to read out.

Very nice post Cascade… 100% agree with you.

Working on this way … still not perfect but got my 144 down thanks to an early power (kept me level), condi to get me a bit ahead and the shield at the end - 2 cycles (cuz i suck) and down went Sandshaper at 1815 para so I’m happy for now…on to 145!

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And GL for 145 and beyond, we believe!


So p1ssed right now - first try at 145 and I went the wrong way on a battlefield with a condi and end up missing by 7 seconds.

2nd attempt got that stupid jumping RG and 2x he bounced right as i’m about to nuke so missed that one by about 30 seconds…

1 hour later and probably 100 keys burned looking for a decent map - even the good maps (1 festering 1 battlefields) elites were jugg/arcane/illusionist or arcane/waller bs…

my fingers hurt LOL


Ahhhh, yeah close misses sucks! I know all too well. :grimacing:
You’re learning a lot by doing this though, You’ll be a more skilled pusher now than when you started, so it’s not wasted time.

if it’s getting too frustrating, go and runs some keys or speeds, get a mental reset and come back with a few more paragon points. GL.

It’s one thing i truly hate about rotation dependent builds like this - if you are close to timer and don’t kill the RG with the first nuke, you fail due to doing virtually no damage for the other COE cycles…

I’m determined to try and get 145 down this weekend. Maybe I get lucky farming and get a decent TP upgrade…