Hints on getting Flail of the Charge to drop?

I’m trying to get another Flail of the Charge to drop for my seasonal Crusader. I really like using it in my Invoker/Thorn build for the mobility. But I want an ancient one so that means Cube time but I’m not risking my current one. Sadly it’s been a week without one dropping, Kadala is useless and the last 40 flails I’ve upgraded to legendary have been a bust. Is there any better way to find one of these?

Do speed GRs. Best way to gear up fast.

LOL… of course as soon as I ask how to farm the damn thing one drops from the Cube. Only took 47 tries. :slight_smile: Fortunately it only took 3 tries to turn it into an ancient and I used it to finally clear GR75 with a Crusader.

Hey buddy,
How did you make one in the cube? What base flail do you use?

Just use the level 70 Two Handed flails you can craft at the blacksmith. That, a pile of the appropriate materials, and some luck with the Cube are all you need.