High GPU temps - very inconsistent

fullscreen with max frames set to 60fps in nvidia control panel… rtx 2070 almost 86 degrees Celsius.

then enable window mode and it drops to 68 and plays silky smooth until I enter lut gulein… goes back up to 86… minimize to windows and it drops like a brick down to 68 and go back and all is fine until I enter either halls of the dead or tal rashas tomb and back up it goes…

if I exit game and re-enter I play at 68 again for a while and go into sewers in lut gulein and suddenly shoots right back up…

I played with settings from very high down to medium and it just doesnt seem to fix it!


Try reducing the resolution scale slider down to 75. Bump the sharpness slider up to around 40-50 to counter the blurring, see if that helps.

Reducing your maximum FPS by adjusting your monitors refresh rate or enabling adaptive half refresh rate (Nvidia) is another way to reduce the heat. You can either do this by changing the global settings, or by creating a game profile specifically for D2:R.

The grass is what was turning the heat up on the cards in the closed beta.

Yeah if your card is hitting 85+ celsius, it’s thermal throttling.

Ok thx will test that

Im having stable 62-64 ºC in my gtx 1050ti with an ambient temp of 25 ºC, without changing anything, just default settings, gpu load in a2 canion of the magi is about 25% with a zealot. I didnt check it in the early beta, so i cant compare.

You can also follow the steps outlined here for nVidia cards:

And this thread is the main one for this issue:

I’m on an RX 5700 XT, I7-7700k and my temps are sky high.

I have set to lowest settings, as well as 75% res scale capped at 60 fps. None of that has helped at all. I closed the game, because my temps where at 92c for the GPU and 101c for the junction and climbing. I’m not going to brick my card for a remaster of a 20 year old game lol.

I have tested it in POE playing 4 hours today highest settings. I never got above 50c for GPU and 62c for the junction. I’m playing at 1440p in both games, with poe FPS set to 144. I am also on the newest driver.

i hope there will be some drivers at release (nvidia , please make some drivers for it soon :stuck_out_tongue: )