High DPS questions

Hi there! Been working on my WD for awhile now. I would like to increase my damage up. But struggling atm. I run mostly solo because I have a hard time finding good groups to help.

from ur profile i only see 1 capt set though and no rorg on jewelry
if u want more dmg, i think u can try a few option :

  • change bbv to rain dance (more resource regen = more dmg on mundu) or slam dance
  • change passive : rush of essence , pierce the veil
  • i also notice u still not roll ur item like :14 % life on helm ->chc , life regen on bracer -chd
    mov speed on compass ring → chc
  • also u know that this season have special soulshard right ? ( sliver teror on helm,
    remnant pain on weapon )
  • on offhand it better to use spirit barage dmg
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Thank you! I just need better gear down the road.

On your bracers, you need Cold damage, not Poison damage.

Plus, if you play solo with a follower, you have to equip it, at a minimum, with:

  • The flavor of time (Amulet)
  • Nemesis bracers (Humm… Bracers)
  • A “Your follower cannot die”
    • Smoking Thurible (Legendary enchantress Focus)
    • Enchanting Favor (Legendary Templar Relic)

I saw that you adjusted some items.

The only thing you’re missing is “Ring of emptiness”.

If you have one, compare it with your RoRG. Keep the ring who makes more damage on your hero and cube the other.

I have ring of emptiness in my stash. I’ll put that one on and give my follower the RoRG. I can’t really fix the bracers. I’ve rolled them and can’t get regen life anymore. So for the bracers what should I use? Also lacking veiled crystals. Blizzard needs to increase value of this resource.

Whilst the follower can benefit from the RoRG’s effect, this does not emanate, i.e. your hero doesn’t get the power just because your follower’s wearing it.


It seems wickedout has RoRG cubed :wink:


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Try Cold damage and if you’re too squishy, vitality.

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I put on cold damage for now. If it gets squishy i’ll go vitality down the road. Didn’t the WD get a nerf before season 25? Was wondering about it. Thanks again for the help. I’m learning lots.

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While you are correct that mana regen does equal damage, the amount of damage is so small its not worth thinking about. I would not change any skills to mana regen for the purpose of adding extra damage, as there is almost always a better way to get it. IIRC, it’s only .3% extra dps per roll.

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