Hi Guy.s Need help please

Trying to do Boss Mode and just cant seem to do it with necro. I only have one toon. Is there anyone starting a group that could help me out or any advice as a necro do to this quest. thaxs.

Are you in the “Conquest” community? There are regularly people in that chat group looking to group up or willing to help others who have already completed it. As far as your build on your profile, a LoD Scythe build is not anideal speed build for Boss Mode. There are plenty of Necro builds thst can handle Boss Mode since it’s only T10. Inarius or Pestilence can easily do it. Almost any build is going to use In-Geom for infinite Blood Rush after elites. A Skeletal Mage build should also be able to do it, but focus on speed and CDR to allow more Blood Rushing.

Use Steuart’s Greaves

You can do it on T10 with any Death Nova build like
or LoD

just put those boots in cube, and use Blood Rush often