Help needed with PoJ Speed Farming

Hi all,

I’ve been loving the PoJ set and can easily handle T16 and GR95 or so. I am trying to use the speed variation that is listed on Icyveins (can’t post the link here), and am getting my a$$ handed to me even on T14, dying at least 2-3 times per run. I have all the items they recommend and skills set to the default on that page. It’s fast…really fast…but hitting anything but trash mobs is cause to hold my breath, lol.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to modify that setup or have another one they recommend? Just looking for something fast that won’t cause what seems to be 1-hit deaths.

Thanks for any help.

First tip: ditch Icy Veins. Instead, Maxroll is maintained by people who actually play the game. Take a look at their guides here:

They’re a step ahead and a lot easier to visualise the character setup required.

I had a look at your seasonal monk and it looks like it’s set up for greater rifts so I cannot comment on your T16 build.

Try importing your account into d3 planner then share the link with us and perhaps we can help, too. (you’d go to the Import tab and enter your battle tag Gumdoc#1384)

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Patterns of Justice Tempest Rush should be able to handle at least GR110 (at paragon 1200 or so) before adjustments need to be made, in my limited non-strict-monk-only experience. So, as mentioned, I’d say the guide you’re using it flawed. Or the gear you have is not that great.

Thanks for the help, will definitely check out Maxroll. The issue isn’t my existing build, it’s fine for GR90+ and T16, it’s when I try to use the suggested speed farming build that I turn into glass. Frustrating to run rifts with friends have have them tumble and sprint past me in less than 1/2 the time it takes me, so was trying to use a speed variant. I’ll see what Maxroll has.

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If you are willing to give up PoJ, innas set with water allies is the fastest speed build for T16 and GR90s in the game with some margin. Guide on maxroll.


Yes to the Inna’s set. But PoJ was my first set and found the same. It was only after a long time playing and getting a better understanding of the game mechanics did I make a set that felt nice.
Pay particular attention to Epiphany and Serenity. My thoughts are you need enough Cooldown reduction that they overlap and one of the other is always up. Then it is a really smooth experience to play.