Help Me Figuring Out A Setup For My Hardcore Sorc

sup guys,

i need help with my sorcress. she’s going to be crap. like really crap. nobody on jsp would value her as well geared or a well thought character. but my professional days to make a living with d2 pvp are over. thanks to d2 pvp im an imaginary millionaire now. that’s why i want a sorcress to go into pension with.

she’ll be 100% frozen orb and either fire or lightning as second element. furthermore she’ll be played in hardcore. i dont mind if max block or energy shield, but she needs at least one of it. i won’t play energy shield tho, except manaburn gets fixed

how should i gear her? suggest me awesome setups, please

this topic i really care about your opnion. thank you veery much for your help. appreciate it :hug:

Go full vita until mosers, then max block rest vita

Spam some nm Andy and meph early.

Aim for the trifecta: mosers, wizspike, vmagi

Continue to farm nm meph to get a vamp gaze. They’re most common here and will be very useful on a merc. If you find a tals mask first, it’ll be good enough for most hell content. Also is a good spot for aldur boots or war travs.

Get to and start farming ancient tunnels in hell, get elite bases for merc.

At this point, all content in the game will be pretty easy. You will still have to be careful til you have max res with some light sorb. Stay away from areas with souls. Just wait on doing izzy, Anya. Even with a group if it’s a souls map I just leave. I once lost a 97 sorc rushing a friend to souls at Anya.

At this point I prefer to spam chaos runs for xp/ gear. Safe, easy, enjoyable, can run solo or with groups without risk. I’d still run aldur boots and a dwarf

End game set up to look for: shako, vmagi, hoto, stormshield (eld), soj or nice rare ring, wisp, magefists, arachs, aldur boots, maras or caster ammy, infinity merc.

I like all of what tec sais.
There are the block and no block camps in the community. They are totally different mindsets and play styles. No block means spirit shield, which provides cast rate, hit recovery, damage (skill levels). High max block means stormshield which provides block chance, and damage reduction. The no block people are worried about losing frames to blocking. It makes sense they worry about that because they are used to dying when they stand still for a frame too many, they rely on speed and kill power for survival. The block people are worried about lacking all the different forms of DR, which makes sense to us because we lack the speed and kill power to avoid all confrontation and we are used to actually standing in the fray as if we are barbs. I tried both and well there’s lag and we all make mistakes, so i am very, very firmly in the max block camp.

You need different layers of defense. As said of course max health and max block. For blocking consider both eld and sheal runes if your build allows. If you can hit a faster block breakpoint, that helps. Faster hit recovery is also valuable. You don’t need to push it super high, but you want to get the easy to reach breakpoints. Carrying a worthless FHR charm is not silly at all.

Next you want damage reduction. Of course stormshield is the god of %DR. Add a shako or verdungo and thats fixed.

Dont disregard your defense stat either. Its not your top priority, but it surely makes a difference.

75% resist is of course a given, but you want more if you dont want to stain your pants when facing gloams for example. Increasing your max resists above 75 is a great thing but it has a shortcoming. It makes you feel invulnerable and you will be extremely vulnerable as soon as you run into a conviction enemy. So going with some elemental absorbs is a much safer bet. I try to always have at least some lightning and fire absorb on my HC chars.

My last sorc actually wore a guardian angel armor, as well as a wisp projector and dwarf star. (and of course shako + shorm for the phys). Guardian angel is absolutely not the norm for sorces in the slightest. Its just silly me. But if you like to build tanks, its an option and i liked it.