Hellfire Ring Crafting Materials

How do I acquire writhing spine, devils fang, or vengeful eye? I’m running the uber bosses consecutively at T16, these items will not drop. I haven’t seen any recent posts about this, were the Hellfire Rings of (…) dropped years ago? Is this a bug that’s never been fixed, never going to be fixed? I have the recipes, just can’t seem to get these materials.

You need a level 60 character. Those materials are for people who only have the base game without the expansion.
You need to buy the other Hellfire recipe from Squirt at act 2.

Edit: To be honest, I would like to craft that ring too. I think it’s possible to wear a level 70 one and a level 60 ring simultaneously.

You will not get them because they were the old machines mats. Now you have to know somebody like me I still have about 120 of those machine. But really the new recipe is a lot better then the old one.

Yes the little girl in act 2 still has the recipe for them. But if you don’t have the machines for them that recipe is really useless.

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