Heads-up ! Personal best and Americas leaderboards broken

Just want to give folks a heads-up that we’re seeing several reports in the Bug Report forum that Greater Rift records aren’t showing up in the Personal Best and Leaderboards. This is for the America region.


Yup. History repeats.


Just now:


  • No toast in chat window
  • Greater Rift reward panel shows new record… but personal best shows old record
  • Blood shard cap increased to 1660
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I have the same issue! I cleared GR128 and then 129 with my Crusader but my personal best is still listed at 127…

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Sigh, two for me today as well. Awesome when posting a decent run is so RNG dependent to start with and then all for not because the record keeping is busted…nice, very nice.

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The cavalry is on its way…

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it means the servers have been up too long. they need to be wiped and loaded up with a fresh season.

Oh, my. I just cleared a GR137 in 14:51. Tell me that it’s gonna be fixed hahahaha

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I hate to be the one breaking the news to you but, in the past, new clears were not retroactively awarded by Blizzard. If Blizzard can repair the leaderboards before the end of Season 21, you would need to clear it again for the record to count/show up.

If they can’t repair the leaderboards before Nov 8, then… you’re stuck with whatever the leaderboard shows at the moment.

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Americas Region
HC Demon Hunter
Season 21

Just now got a personal best recorded in the Chat Window. (She’s not far enough along yet — recent alternate — to make the Leaderboards, so I couldn’t check there).

It looks like it may be working again.

Addendum: Forgot I could check the Leaderboards, (for my recently created Hardcore Seasonal Demon Hunter), by selecting “Clan”. So, it is currently working again.

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Yes… lt looks like it has been resolved.

My record from yesterday has also been credited.

I’m glad this is resolved – thx Blizzard.

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