Having problems getting primal ancients

A friends power leveled me to gr150 can i just do gr 70 to get primal ancients to drops?

On console with modded gear? :thinking:

Sure, you have to do a GRift 70 or higher solo to unlock primals but why do you need them when you are able to do GR150s?

Did your friend give you some (modded) gear? More than 1 socket on jewelry or weapons. Weapon with higher damagerange than possible.
If so, found primals will be useless.

Btw. primals are very rare. Over a very long period of farming, you can expect one primal out of 400 legendaries on average.

As noted, you need to unlock them which requires completing GR70 solo, which will drop a single one in season. After that, it is just RNG on when or if you ever see another. Best thing to do, according to the efficiency fetishists, is to run GR90 in under 2 minutes to maximize total drop rate.

How is this a Tech Support issue? Is the game crashing? Can’t log in? Disconnects? No?
Then post in General or New Player Help

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