Haven't played in a couple years; looking for "lazy" class

Hey all,

So it’s been a couple years since I last played. I am wondering if there is a new class or build that is probably considered “lazy” for the intent to just speed farm some GRs while streaming TV shows? I believe the last time I played, the Crusader shotgun was a popular build, as well as a Necro build (can’t recall the exact one).

Because of schedule and play times, I imagine I’d be almost exclusively be playing solo. However, whichever class has a decent lazy build, would it also happen to have a respectable build for group play? Nothing to push GRs, just speed runs.

GoD DH fits the bill.

It hits all screen, moving fast and hit hard with a little setup.

Hmm, I don’t think I’ve played DH since release!

Does the build not require a lot of button presses or micromanaging?

See it with yourself and judge it whether the gameplay fits you or not.

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im playing DH GoD with one hand doing grs 110 in 10 mins with no aguments while watching a movie in my other screen

I’m still hunting down the pieces. LOL

Is this build best for season or non?

When I quit playing, I had only reached about Paragon 1400, but had a ton of gems leveled up.

I’d say the Barb’s WW/Rend is slightly lazier.

Kilometer is right, but with the lazy version of WW/Rend, there’s less button pressing. Just pop your buffs and hold right click to win.

With the DH build, it’s my much the same except you need to hit a button every 2-3 secs to maintain an important buff… On the plus side, the DH version is ranged, with auto aim! :laughing:

I prefer the DH’s GoD/HA build, but I think the Barb’s WW/Rend build is lazier.

Both are approx equally effective, and imo, two of the strongest solo builds in the game.

Can’t go wrong with either.


I’ve always enjoyed Barbarian - it’s been my staple since my late D1, early D2 days!

DH GoD build is easy and good but it takes a little micro managing. WW barb is strong right now and even easier to play lol. It feels good to just hold down spin to win and whirl around killing mobs. Really good for watching TV shows.

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Where do people go for builds and whatnot? DiabloFans, I think, used to be one of the more popular ones.

If you don’t mind in-depth video guide, you can check this video for DH GoD.

But yeah, Diablofans and Icy Veins are a good starter place for a quick guide.

I really like Icey Veins. Has a good layout and shows a variety of builds for all classes plus has in depth descriptions of the builds and stats you want if people want to read. Otherwise there’s just simple layout showing what items/skills/runes/gems etc to use.

After having skimmed over Icy Veins, I am wondering if the Rend/WW would suit my playstyle a bit more.

it’s honestly super easy to play I’ve been having fun playing it. Plus you can push fairly high with it if you decide you want to. My buddies were playing it while i play DH GoD build and we crushed rifts especially lower level ones. But even in groups we were doing fine in GR 110s on HC. Granted they both dead now sadly… but the build is actually really tanky so unsure what happened. One had internet issues when he died :((((( and the other just… dies a lot in general. Been that way for years unsure why he still plays HC to be honest.

I finished the season pretty much mainly using the Monk’s new Tempest Rush build with Patterns of Justice set. It’s like mowing down everything in your path. It’s not as fast as the WW/Rend, but it’s better damage imo.

A good lazy class is the Witch Doctor Zunimassa pet build. It’s not top tier by any means, but you literally just run around and cast mana spenders while your fetishes and gargantuan murder everything in their path. While they’re killing stuff, you’re picking up stuff. Plus your swarm of pets serve as a great meat shield barrier.

You can take things a step further and switch over to the Zuni Darts build for some mega damage. :slight_smile:

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There’s nothing spectacular about S21 that I should consider, right? I can’t recall the last season I actually played.

Oh, also, have they done anything with the experience gains? Back when I quit, P1400 was respectable. I remember it almost being a chore just getting that high, so I couldn’t imagine the fortitude it would have taken to get to P2500+ legitimately.

Nothing has really changed about the experience gain specifically, however evidently someone at Blizzard is resting their elbow on the EZ-mode button while creating new sets and adding and/or tweaking legendary affixes. This of course allows your average player to climb to higher levels more quickly. So if you haven’t played in several seasons, the game should feel overall easier to attain high paragon levels, especially after obtaining your first full set.

The GoD DH can be lazy, but it’s certainly not while it’s being built up.

I think WW/Rend Barb is better. The auto-aim nature of the DH is very nice, it lets you dance around mobs soaked in flame, beams, and poison, but the Barb doesn’t do awful in that state. With the DH, you enter rooms and the mobs spontaneously explode.

I’ve contrasted the Multishot, Sentry, and GoD builds like this. The Multishot is a 1 man SEAL team. Rush in to the room, spray and pray. The Sentry DH is a man with pet artillery. You walk up and point, and large shells come lobbing in. The GoD is like the C-130H “Spooky” Gunship. Just orbiting the target, laying down fire from the mini-gun, out of reach.

But as far as lazy, simply put, the Barb is self sustaining. Right click and go. It takes more to stall out the Barb than the DH. If you don’t pay attention to the Barb, you may just find yourself spinning alone, stuck in a corner. Do that on a DH, and you may find him stuck and stalled with no resources.

The “Momentum” part of the DH is very real, and must be maintained. Whereas the Barb, you simply need to refresh Wrath every now and then.

Barb is definitely lazier.

Both have their charms.