Haven't Found a Portal Yet

So, for a few days, on and off, I have tried to run around to find a portal, which everyone tells me are everywhere. Well, I’ve run around all the more open areas and nothing, taken bounties and run around and nothing, relogged, rebooted and just about everything one can think of and still have never encountered a portal. Yes, I’m on PTR! hehe

Fields of Misery is a good place to get portals.

OK, it has to be seasonal as well.

There is a chance you opened a portal “behind you”, out of Line of Sight you might have missed it and a new one is not opening until the first one closes.
However, if a Fissure opens on the map you are currently on it will give a yellow marker to it’s direction (sadly same marker as for bounty quest so you might have missed that, too).

You should get a message in the chat box too.

You need to make a new, fresh, level 1, seasonal character in PTR to find the “portals” because they are the season theme.

I guess PTR is closed now…

Yes, I’ve been trying to get on to check if my char was seasonal as I copied from live. I think it probably isn’t and was going to try a new character but, alas…I think the ptr must be closed now.

We’re testing the next season in the PTR. That means the current live season is the previous season in the PTR, so your seasonal characters copy as NS. You have to create a seasonal character in the PTR to test seasonal features.

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