Haunted visions health loss question

So haunted visions 1% hp loss use to be 5% and I’ve read that this use to/maybe still does bug at times reverting to the 5% but re equipping normally fixes this.

But I still don’t really understand what is happing.

If I pop my sims in town my Hp starts ticking down and I will have to use a potion before I get so low on HP that my sims die and have to be recast.
However after doing this maybe 3 times with my potion the hp loss seems to stop completely and me and my two sims just hang around in town with no issues.

This happens every time I recast sims. I lose HP for about the time it takes for my potion to cool down 2 to 3 times then the HP loss stops. My passive life regen is really not very good so I don’t know if my HP is dropping because it’s sucking 5% and then unbugging to 1% after a time and my life regen is actually high enough to counter act that or if there is actually a timer that completely stops the health drain from haunted visions after a set timer.

Anyone have experience with this?

*edit after another day of testing

So after lots more play testing I can confirm that haunted visions bugs to 5% life lost every time I cast my sims however it always fixes itself after X amount of time. This makes the start of ever GR a bit more dangerous but so far I’ve been able to heal through it until it fixes and goes to 1% where my passive life per second can keep my HP from dropping.

The bugged 5% life sometimes comes back after teleporting to town but not every time I teleport and occasionally if I afk I will come back to find my sims are dead and my life has dropped to 1 and is slowly filling meaning it does seem to revert to 5% at random at times.

The biggest issue is if I die in a GR and have to recast sims (or I just accidentally recast sims in a GR) I take the life hit for casting them as well as haunted visions going back to 5% health loss for up to a minute or more leaving me at an extreme disadvantage.

I may try to cube haunted visions if I ever find another one but for the moment I have found no fix for this as reequipping the amulet guarantee’s it will bug to 5%

I have read that others have experienced the hp drop going back to 5% but I have found no fix for this other than just hoping I can survive until it unbuggs and pray I never have to recast it.

If anyone has any other fixes or suggestions I would very much appreciate it as this is making my progression a good bit harder.

The loss of HP, is caused by an continuous effect. Remember continuous spells, like the largest storm in a galaxy, created an environmental condition.
Normally, spells cast are dispelled when a spell-caster dies, except like the Gnome contraptions, that form spells with there technology. But, evil wizards make a great concherto. There already a wizard, they summon elementals, and spray rainbows.
Environmental effects have to be blocked, by blocking the source of a Warlock’s spells, to stop the effect from moving life bars, even when HP is not effected.