Haunt Vs Swarm Which is better?

Just want to get some feedback on Haunt and Swarm. Now I like Haunt because it uses less mana. So I can just keep casting it. With Swarm, it runs out pretty quick. Was wondering what everyone opinion is over both and what is considered the better of the two.

depend on what is your purpose of casting it
If your aim is to proc ring of emptiness then swarm is better than haunt, because it can hit number of enemy at once while with haunt u need to cast it per enemy
the pestilence rune also make it spread faster on a number of enemy

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It really depends on what build you are using and what you need it for. For procing Ring of Emptiness, then Insect Swarm with Pestilence is superior - A single cast of it will quickly infest everything on your screen. For Jade Harvester, Haunt is much better as it has 3x the damage of Insect Swarm, and you can infect 3 targets per cast when geared…