Hatred regeneration by default?

The game says 4 H/s, the Internet says 5 H/s…

Which one is right?

This would have been trivially easy for you to check on your own, but here:


It’s 4.

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Embedding for TinneOnnMuin…


I know very well where the value is shown in the game, but still thanks for your effort.

What I was trying to point out with my first comment is that every D3 source I know, shows a value of 5 H/s, which I find very strange. Either the game shows the wrong value, or the D3 sources are clueless.

I’m just curious which source(s) are showing you this. Can you provide a link to one of these sources?

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I mainly use Maxroll and Diablo Wiki. They both show 5 H/s.
In D3 Planner the value is also 5 H/s by default.

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This would also be pretty easy to test for yourself.

I just depleted my full hatred pool, and timed how long it took to refill. 174/175 hatred (I don’t think I got quite down to 0) took ~43.5 seconds to refill.

That’s 4 hatred per second.

I’m not sure why maxroll etc. is wrong, but it appears they are.

Are you sure? I’m fairly certain your initial post said “some sources online say 4, some say 5”.

You appear to have edited your initial post after I made my comment. My comment was made ~4.5 hours (Jan 27 8:21 PM EST) after your initial post, and you edited your initial post another ~14 hours after that (Jan 28 10:33 AM EST)

Did you change it to say “the game says”?

No, i didn’t. What i changed was the unit. First it was HR/s, i then changed it to H/s.