Hardcore Necro Echoing Nightmare

Hi forum dwellers.
Can anybody recommend a nice safe Necro build for echoing nightmares?
Right now I’m running lod blood nova. Is trangs tougher? Is bone spear better?

Thanks for any tips. Echoing nightmares are absolutely terrifying to me!

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Nothing is safe in HC, but make sure you use all the options you have for defense and cheat death.

Yep. The Conduit does most of the heavy lifting at the end. You really only need to get to wave 80-90, then you can grab power to boost you to 100-110, then Conduit to 126, then run in a big circle around the outside edge until it times out.

The actual character power you need isn’t super high because you can let the pylons carry, so you can gear pretty defensively and still have more than enough damage to get to the necessary wave.

Just take a bunch of defensive options. Double cheat death, double Unity + immortal follower etc. etc. And don’t try and push past the wave you need. You just need to get to 126 to get a capped 125 Whisper gem.


Just did it in HC SSF with my Trag’s at around p600… got to 126 and started running around avoiding fights unless cornered. Definitely wouldn’t do it without both the CC immunity and Passability nodes in the Altar. And I was using Steurt’s Greaves for extra speed boosts.

But it was super easy… never proc’d a cheat death… just kept quick bursts of novas… kept my bone armor to 10 stacks… and move, move, move. No standing around in an Echo.

Cool thanks. Ya I just tried traps today it’s way more consistent.
What did you swap out for Stewart’s greaves?

I’m running with a RoRG on my left finger (with a socket). I’m using guardians on waist/wrists and swapped out the trag’s boots for steuart’s. Full amethysts in helm/chest/pants. Check out my GR105 clear in HC SSF to see the rest of my gear/setup. No augments yet either… it’s a fun build this season with the triple weapon cubed.

be the tank! and any build will work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got it done with trangs today thanks.
I don’t think LoD poison nova is up for it due to its reliance on stone gauntlets for toughness.
It is scary business because there is no way to abort! In a Gr you tend to have a path to retreat through but in echoing nightmares you are locked in!
The only thing more terrifying is the maltheal fight! At least with certain builds… in the old days.