Hardcore Enduring Nightmare

So long story short, I was playing my hardcore barb and farming. Got to level 50 paragon, i get a key for an enduring nightmare. I had no idea what this was since i havent played in a few seasons because im getting mentally pumped for d4. Im a few bourbons into the evening and im steam rolling torment 2 greater rifts in 4 minutes with 1000k all resist so i figure that i can at least survive whatever this thing is with no research.

Oh boy was that a mistake. Lol so i end up dying. I am feeling blizzard needs to make cleae that you are almost certain to die in this event before you open it.

I also remember that you could continue to play your toon in normal mode(am i thinking of POE?) I understand that im done with hardcore mode on this character but itd be cool if i at least could player normal mode with him with the peasants.

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The echoing nightmare (EN) you are mentioning initially had a shield pylon available when it was tested on PTR over a year ago. That shield pylon was removed before the patch with EN went live, and the excuse given was “well just keep running away when you are scared and can’t kill anything anymore”.

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maybe the name echoing NIGHTMARE should tell you something