HAND CROSSBOWS and their application in the game

everyone forgot about the hand crossbows?
1.CALAMITY for many years the crossbow has been broken and now a bug has been added to it for a new set, and the developers know?
2.HELLTRAPPER, VALLA’S BEQUEST, K’MAR TENCLIP there are items in the game that are never used by anyone, although they were created as if for the game, and apparently this is the result of the fact that they are not made for new patches

Um. Do you even Demon Hunter?

As for the rest, I think it’s a given for every type of item there are a bunch of “trash” legendaries to dilute the pool and make the grind even harder.

Personally, I’d like the Danetta’s Hatred set to be changed to something like:
Vault costs 8 Hatred instead of 8 Discipline, and all damage done increases by TBD% for 5 seconds after Vaulting.

do you need to go as a hunter? Or can I look at the characters in the profile?