Hammerdin, overflow?

I wonder how many people will play the traditional Hammerdin considering how popular it was the last time I played D2: LoD.

Is it anyone else who actually gets a bit turned off by this meta gameplay that is just normalized and go for something completely different?

I will most certainly not play it as I dislike the paladin altogether and will not play it. Maybe as a final character when bored with the others.

The same percentage of people that used to play it in the first place.
Assuming blizzard will not hunt bots of course. Because blizzard never does the right thing.

I will come back to this post after s1 ends to prove I am right.

I don’t care about meta… I play what it want… Trying new builds. Hammerdin ist boring in my opinion but if the people want to play it… Why not. I don’t mind. :relaxed:

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Hammerdin’s are the closest to god mode in the game, there will be a ton of hammerdin’s in the game and it will still be the most popular bot build out there.

I’ll be making a zealot, I hate the Pally as a caster.


I might make a poison nova necro to farm pits.

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Never liked the hammerdin playstyle; it plays too similarly to a caster. His other combat skills were always a lot more fun.

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i dont understand why people alwas play the same builds ^^
there are SO MANY builds out there…
look at the guide forum part here …
Auradins (Tesladin, dragon Pala, Omnidin ect)
Charger (Ping-Pongladin*G)
and so much more crazy stuff.

Why people have allways go with the mainstream ?! boring :slight_smile:
Same for the sorceres…

The Paladin is the iconic knight in shiny armor, the “Lancelot du Lac”, that’s why he’s so attractive as a class.