H90 set and Raekor set

Raekor nerf is good but not so hard. Maybe go to 4000% from 5500% not 2500% its too big. Also a buff on H90 set would make it viable to use, maybe buff it to 2500% or 3000%.

Raekor do now 150 in 6 min, this nerf is good. On shards all sets
can do 150

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If you made Raekor less squishy you wouldn’t mind the damage drop as much. Now he’ll be squishy and weak.

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Its not good. U realise its the PTR where the guy has all perfect primal gear and gems. It might be able to do GR150 on a season where theres OP gems but what about the later seasons? Doubt it. So ur opinion=rejected

The nerf is too extreme and it’s not as fun. Frenzy barb should be stronger too, it’s barely usable in its current state.

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I agree. Frenzy barb hasnt been viable build in any seasons that i remember. Theres always been something much stronger so it needs more buffs.

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On PTR, H90 did GR150 in 8:45 by a player with 1509 paragon. It’s in a pretty good spot.

For non-season, once the altar arrives, the very top H90 clear is expected to rise to GR148 at 5k paragon.

Easiest way to fix it by giving it more damage not taking it away. Maybe put it at 4000% or 4500

Yep. just add some of the damage removed back to it and it will be fine. In its current way its not okay.

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hard agree on that bubba

There are H90 with 7:45 clear on PTR SSF

Everybody has perfect gears on PTR, so the comparison is on an even ground. If there reasons a player is not capable, maybe its not the build.

Highest H90 clear on PTR is 133.

We have a table of the highest clears from PTR, you may not have checked the SSF boards where several of those clears occurred.

Whos “we”? SSF didnt even excist in the PTR because it was S29 thing only.

That claim clearly demonstrates you didn’t even play this PTR. The SSF mode did 100% exist in S30. I know it, I played SSF mode exclusively.

Sounds like a big cap.

I am Morla, the ancient one.

Not that it matters… but my colleague and I extract leaderboard data and predict the impact patch notes have on the state of this game, including seasons. We then revisit the data to check our accuracy. It is a game-in-a-game for us, you can see our S30 predictions here:

H90 in S30 was an easier prediction, it yielded an adjusted GR157.9 on the PTR, we were 0.8GRs away from the peak clear. Assuming the Altar remains unchanged, H90 will likely exceed the GR158.7 prediction on launch. That at least would be something.

There’s 150 done @ 7:45 in SSF. I have a spreadsheet with all clears includingb SSF.

aight makes sense kik