[Guide] MOTE6 Earthquake

Hey Kornstar,

You could certainly put FC into the 4th slot, but for a Leapquake build, this would probably be worse than running CoE. The attack speed buff on FC becomes useless with Rumble, and in density, a lot of your damage is coming from EQs. The real bottom line, though, is that Slam builds are just hands-down better than Earthquake builds, and if you want to do a lot of damage with Slam, it’s better to build purely for Slam damage. There’s an excellent Slam guide by Prohakn. And if you wanted, you could certainly play a 2H version of that build, though it is not as good as dual wielding.

As for dropping WOTB for Avalanche, this is not a good idea. Avalanche does very, very little damage, even with the new buff, and WOTB is very valuable.

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Just as with the Frenzy-Guide: Very good work Rage! Apreciate it. Thx to you + Free and some other people i prob forgot at this point, the barb forum is still the best class-forum there is on this website.


I can only apologise that I’m restricted to just being allowed to give this one like.

Thanks for writing the guide! I’ve noticed the gap in the new forums, but of course lack the knowledge or time to do anything about it myself. Glad you did!

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Hey finally! Only took Free a few years of pestering ya to get this. hahaha Thanks again bud. Hopefully this one keeps growing and can compete with Rend cause I love me some Leapquake.


That’s not counting the pestering I did via gmail/chat . . . . :rofl: :rofl:


We need this guide stickied.

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Just my luck, I picked up a beautiful Primal Tribes a few weeks ago… :sob: :speak_no_evil:.
Anyway, I haven’t played this build much at all and it is going to take a ton of practice to play this build properly, but I see if you get the timing right, it dose a ton of damage.
Rage, thanks for the guide.

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from my testings on the ptr using double Blade of Tribes (old one still got the additive dmg affix, cube the new one…) seems a good starting point to make EQ at least close to being viable.
that’s (kinda) a 800% multiplier that Blade of the Tribes would need.
Anything below that is - unfortunately - not even worth trying…

just did back to back 120, 122 and 123, para 3,7k , played every rift, zero fishing (used Lightning EQ)
would probably be possible to push into the mid 130s with extreme fishing. It wouldnt be too strong! However too bad Blizzard is slacking on the job of increasing some basic numbers which really wouldnt even need any serious testing.

Really would love to mess around with EQ a bit more but knowing the real numbers that’s just a waste :frowning:

Thanks for this write-up, Rage. I’m hoping that one day EQ can once again become a top-tier build, since it’s my favorite.

20 years from now, when I look back on my years playing D3, leapquake will be the one I remember.

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Well, my long quest to complete GR 126 under paragon 3000 just ended in failure.

It should have been a success: there were at least six occasions on which I just needed one not-super-unlikely thing to happen, like drawing a killable RG (about a 40% chance), or a power pylon spawn at 99% (somewhere between a 25% and a 50% chance, depending on how many other pylons have spawned).


I’m going to keep working on 126, but I’ll never be able to say, “I did it under 3k paragon”…

If they decide to keep tribes as is you will be rolling 130s now. Yay for buffs…

Nice Mighty Mighty Guide, thanks for showing MoTE the love Rage. It has always been my favorite as well, back to when we were throwing rocks and praying for rain(avalanche). Will be interesting to see how Blade goes live, I have wanted that damn thing cubable for so long and now that it looks like we finally get it, well you all know the story… Question, CoE in fourth slot seems to be the pre-game favorite, it’s easy to see why. I wonder though, will it really outweigh the potential gains from say RoRG and CC or perhaps Obsidian with Mort’s worn? I am thinking in terms of HC and maximizing damage while TRYING to never die so, yeah hahaha… Just wondering what you think in a prelim kind of way.
Cheers and thanks again.

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Hey Fjorgyn,

Thanks for the kind words- nice to hear from a fellow MOTE lover!

CoE is definitely going to be the strongest option, it’s just such a big dps gain. Just got to be sure to get those WOTB pops in-sync with your damage cycle.

RoRG + CC won’t work, because that would mean dropping Girdle to wear the CC Belt. You could then put Girdle in the cube but that would mean dropping Lut Socks, which would be bad.

You could, however, put RoRG in the 4th slot, and then wear the Aughild bracer + one other piece. But, this is still not such a good option. Aughild is normally fairly competitive with CoE, but in this case you’re already going to have 50% elite damage from Furnace, so adding 30% more isn’t as big a gain. Also, tying up the bracer spot means no Parthans, which means you’ll almost certainly need to take BR: StP to keep you alive, when you could be getting extra damage from BR: ItF. So: definitely not as good an option as CoE.

Obsidian wouldn’t give a whole heck of a lot of cooldown, since it would only proc from SS: Rumble, which you only cast about once every 3 seconds. If you did want to maximize cooldown, then putting Messerschmidt’s Reaver in the 4th slot would probably be the way to go.


I just did a little bit of testing, and found out a couple of interesting things.

First: it looks like each set of 3 Leaps + Slam takes about 200 Frames, or 3.33 seconds, to execute. That means you apply EQs via leaping at an average rate of one about every 1.11 seconds, or 67 Frames.

Second: Earthquakes caused by MOTE(4) or Blade of the Tribes proc the IB set. The game is counting these as a resource-spending attack. It works with all the runes except lightning, since this rune causes EQ to spend no resource.

Still, I don’t think using IB is going to be a good option anytime soon. You do actually gain a bit of dps (about 15%) from the added attack speed, as this makes you Slam faster, which lets you get back to applying EQs sooner. And, there’s the 30% damage bonus. But, even with both of these taken into consideration, you still do about 20% less damage than you would carrying Tribes (due to the much higher weapon damage). And that isn’t even accounting for the loss of Furnace, which is significant.

So: if Blizz puts the entire EQ bonus into the extractable power, the options will really be carrying FotVP (Physical), Furnace (Fire), or Tribes (either). Carrying IB will be considerably less good.

If they stay with the multiplier / dibs split they have now, carrying Tribes will be mandatory.

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I was talking about a completely new build idea. I considered using NO Rumble, just another rune for SS spam for obsidian procs.
However you’re correct about IB and dual wield in general. I suspected that before. EQ just doesnt scale with ATS and a 1 hander has very low base dmg. therefore a 2 hander is always much stronger. maybe it will still try it with 2 handers and fjord cutter in cube but I don’t have high hopes like that

I also was talking before about my Lightning EQ build from Season 8 (don’t even remember if that was the season I pushed with it). It’s competetive with Fire and Phys Leapquake since then and almost nobody knows about it.
It uses NO lut socks and would gain Crimson from the season theme which is actually a bigger gain than CoE for normal Leapquake builds. (maybe could drop warcry for battle rage cus higher cdr)
Still am torn about that in theory because the main benefit of Lightning EQ was always to have EW + CoE instead of F/R + Hellfire. Now with the OP conduit fishing necklace I’m even less convinced about the build overall.

Still since you’re calculated the exact frames for 3 leaps + 1 slam rotation.
back then I visually verified how many more EQs I could get out from lightning compared to 3 leap + slam. was about 20-25% but I never actually did a frame by frame test. I’m restricted in posting links (why?), so sorry you have to look it up if you’re interested in the mechanic of the build.

Still EQ is complete trash (the numbers, not the skill) so it kinda doesnt actually matter.

Well, it came 6 paragon levels too late, but I finally got it done. 126 down, at 3005 paragon, about 24.5k STR. Gems 126-129.

As far as I know this is the highest Leapquake clear, relative to paragon, yet recorded. I may not have gotten the sub-3k 126 I wanted, but I think it’s also the only 126 sub-4k, sub-5k, and sub-6k. For a 10k player with maxed out augments and gems, plus the EQ% roll on shoulders that I’ve never been able to find, this would be equivalent to about a 133.

So: if Tribes gets the amount of buffing it has on the PTR, this would mean 140 or even 141 are reachable by a dedicated player with godly gear and a ton of paragon.

With an insanely good rift I think I could do 127, but I don’t think I will try. 126 took me over 1000 keys, and I think that’s my limit.

Right. My comments here on Zodiac were in reply to Fjorgyn’s question. I understood what you were saying about a setup that basically applies EQ via TS coupled with huge cooldown, and would use a different SS rune + Zodiac to make TS spammable. Sounds cool.

I’ve seen your Lightning quake build before, and that’s cool too. I actually did a little analysis on it on the old forum, which sadly is now all gone. I may take a look at determining a semi-exact EQ application speed for that setup. I think you are right that with the new power on FoT, this Lightning setup suffers a bit in comparison to Phys or Fire.

Just to make sure I’ve got it right: the cycle for Lightning is just Leap-Quake-Slam, with TS and WC thrown in when they’re off cooldown, right?

Unless you have Trust Level 3 (not many do, including me), you can’t post active links to anything that isn’t a “trusted” site. What is and isn’t “trusted” is pretty strange. The way around it is to put your link into your post, highlight it, and then click the little </> “preformatted text” button at the top of the panel. The link then isn’t clickable, but it can be copy-pasted. Dumb, I know.

Yes, but it’s still really fun! I still spend the majority of my in-game time playing it. Not going to let Blizzard and their terrible numbers tell me what build to play!


that RG kill is so painfully slow

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Haha, yes indeed!

Blighter is a pretty bad boss. Not the worst, but pretty bad. I could kill Saxtris about a minute faster.

Nice work, Rage! Glad you finally got it! Congrats on the outstanding clear!

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Thanks, buddy!

Now I just need to run 1,000 bounties so I can get a good new Tribes when the patch hits… :roll_eyes: