Grumpy old Gits (New EU Guild)

The idea with the clan is to offer both new and old players a clan where you can focus on what you like. Do you like to farm bountys or do you like pushing greater rifts? Season? The most important thing is to feel that you are involved in some way. You may just be looking for the social part but want to play solo. It’s 100% okay.

Paragon levels are not a requirement, We all play with different conditions.
You may have a wife / husband who has the same temperament as Baal.

The clan is established and created in the EU / Sweden and it can be an advantage to play within the EU to have approximately the same prime time online.
If you play outside the EU, there is no bigger problem than that you may not always see people online.

Get in touch if you want to join
Battle ID Izu # 21339