Grim Dawn on steam

I picked up Grim Dawn on steam in a nice bundle package for $30. I have really enjoyed it. I like how they do their classes (mastery) and their abilities. Not too sure on the whole devotion thing though. I also like that they have a shared stash and a private stash for each character. Still early (only lvl 17) but I am enjoying it. Not sure what the end game looks like though. I have a soldier right now, and will probably pick up some caster mastery as his second mastery, maybe shaman. I also am not sure how groups work yet. Anyone else play?

About 1400 hours into it overall since launch.

Great game, great devs, still a lot left to do.

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Played it for quite a while. Enormously enjoyable. The skill system is really a departure from most everything else I had played up to that point.

Got as far as killing each of the 4 ‘special’ area -bound bosses and then got my butt handed to me trying to kill the uber at the altar in the desert.

Quit shortly after because no one I knew was playing. Still have two very high level characters though and might play it again if D4 turns into a dog that won’t hunt.

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