Graphics bug out

pillars, pylons, mystic floor mat, the jeweler tent, the blacksmith tarps, all have bugged out to a matt finish. nothing i do reverts it to normal

Alt tab in and out usually fixes it

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Hmm…   I’ll have to try that. I usually finish up what I’m doing at the time, exit the game and then restart.

Oh, by the way: Windows 10 64-bit and NVIDIA here.

It’s been happening to me for years. I never reported it because it rarely happens and I’ve always been able to find a way to clear it up.

Happens to me also irregularly - lately not so much as I haven’t yet seen it this season. Only restart of game helps for me.

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It happened to me again this morning.


Yesterday I noticed there was a new NVIDIA driver available: 537.58. So, I installed it.

This morning I was leveling a new SSF Hardcore Demon Hunter on the Asia Region when the graphics glitched. I finished the Act Bounties I was working on, then took some screenshots.

Here are some things I observed, but have not confirmed as fact.

  1. I had tabbed out of the game and back in, which seems to have triggered the glitch.
  2. Tabbing out and back in did not resolve the issue for me.
  3. I was using the latest NVIDIA driver, which was released 10/10/2023.
  4. Only quitting the game to desktop and restarting cleared up the issue.

In game, it is mostly noticeable with the town Waypoint and the Artisans’ workstations.

In the Game Menu it is very noticeable with the Waypoint my Character is standing on.


Same thing happens to me. Just glitched 30 minutes ago. It’s infrequent but I believe it occurs when I have the same game open for extended periods of time (an hour, maybe more).

I haven’t quite figured out if it’s a single Act I’m sitting in that causes it or whether it might be from suddenly changing acts after sitting in one act for a long time. It’s almost as if the game has forgotten where it stored the textures and gives that shimmering sort of pixellation.

Coincidentally, same platform as the poster above: Windows 10 and Nvidia. Same textures appearing in exactly the same areas that Perusoe has kindly posted as examples.

I usually just finish up, close Diablo and BNet and do a soft reboot. So far, that has always resolved the issue.

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